Life@UJN --> Shopping, Post and Banks

1. Shopping

(1) On campus:

  • The underground supermarket of No. 8 Canteen
  • The underground supermarket of No. 9 Canteen
  • Jida Supermarket, beside No. 2 Student Canteen
  • UJN Grocery, beside Foreign Students Apartment
  • Shungeng Campus Supermarket, in the Canteen
  • Mingshui Campus Supermarket, beside the Teaching Building

(2) Off campus:

  • Hualian Supermarket: On Jiwei Road, 5 minutes from Main Campus.
  • Huanyu Shopping Mall : On Erhuan Road, 10 minutes from Main Campus.
  • Wal-Mart: It is on Yangguang Road, take bus No. 92 and get off at Yangguang Road Station.

Underground supermarket

Huanyu shopping Mall Nearby UJN

2. Post Office

        Jiwei Post Office: It is just on the right side of Main Campus West Gate.
        Address: No.106 Jiwei Road ( on Main Campus)
        Tel: 86-531-82721357

        Shunyu Post Office: Opposite South Gate of Shungeng Campus.
        Address: No. 19 Shunyu Road
        Tel: 86-531-82760788

3. Banking

(1) Currency in China is Renminbi (abbreviated as RMB). All those banks offer deposit and deposit withdrawal services in RMB

Bank of China offers services of currency exchange (including traveler’s cheque and etc.) and deposit of RMB and foreign currencies. Passport a5nd Residence Permit need to be provided for currency exchange. For more details, please consult with banks.

        Bank of China:
        Tel: 86-531-95566

        Construction Bank of China:
        Tel: 86-531-95533

        Agricultural Bank of China:
        Tel: 86-531-95599

        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:
        Tel: 86-531-95588

(2)On Campus

        Agricultural Bank of China (Right side of Main Campus West Gate )
        Tel: 86-531-87962642

        Postal Bank of China (Left side of Main Campus West Gate)
        Tel: 86-531-95580

(3) Off Campus

        Bank of China: (Main Campus)
        Address : It is on Yangguang Road. Take No. 92 and get off at Yangguang Road Station. (Main Campus)
        Tel: 86-531-82970094

        Bank of China (Shungeng Campus)
        Address: No.5 Shunyu Road (opposite Shungeng Campus South Gate)
        Tel: 86-531-95566

(4) We also have ATM Dispensers as for 24 hour self-help banking on campus.

  • Just a few steps on both sides out of Main Campus West Gate
  • Opposite No. 8 Canteen
  • Inside No. 10 Teaching Building
  • Inside Administrative Building
  • Nearby No. 9 Canteen

ATM on Campus