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School of Resources and Environment

The School of Resources and Environment (SRE) at University of Jinan consists of three departments, Department of Resource Science and Engineering; Department of Environmental Science and Engineering; and Department of Geographical Science and Planning. 7 undergraduate programs are offered, including Environmental Sciences; Environmental Engineering; Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering; Geographical Sciences; Natural Geography and Resource Environment; Human Geography and Urban-Rural Planning; and New Energy Science and Engineering. Among these, Environmental Engineering is the Shandong Provincial Characteristic Specialty and Provincial Key Constructive Discipline.

The School has master postgraduate degree authorization of two primary disciplines - Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Both Hydrology and Water Resource are among the key constructive disciplines listed in Shandong Province's "11th Five-Year Plan" and "12th Five-Year Plan".

The School has a staff of 85, including, 1 Taishan Scholar Professor; 2 State Council special allowances professors; 2 provincial young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions; 11 professors and 25 associate professors; 55 teachers have the Ph.D. degree. The School has a full-time student population of 1867, including 63 master postgraduate students and 1805 undergraduate students. 17 professional laboratories have been set up in the School: Environmental Monitoring Lab, Water Treatment Lab, Microbiology Lab, Atmospheric Lab, Engineering Lab of Water Pollution Control, Basic Lab of Hydrological and Water Resource, Water Ecological and Water Environmental Lab, Hydrological Observation and Simulation Lab, Water Resource Computing Lab, Soil and Plant Lab, GIS and RS Laboratory, Surveying and Cartography Lab, Astronomy Lab, Geological Geomorphological Lab, Meteorological Observation and Simulation Lab, Urban and Rural Planning Design Studio, etc. Besides, there are 11 off-campus practice teaching bases and 20 teaching practice partners.