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School of Economics

The School of Economics, founded in May 2003, is one of the most progressive schools in the University of Jinan. There are 86 faculty members, including 14 professors, 21 associate professors, and 39 doctors. The school offers four-year undergraduate programs in Economics, International Economy and Trade, Finance, and international collaborative course in Finance Investment and Risk Management. It also offers postgraduate programs in National Economics as first-level disciplines for Master's degree granting, and Logistic Engineering.

It now includes seven research centers and two research bases: the Center for Global Economy Research, the Corporate Finance Research Institute, the Center for Investment and Financing Research, the Center for Labor and Development Research, the Center for Modern Circulation Economy, and the Center for Urban and Regional Economy Research, the Center for the Innovative Development of Capital Market, the Research Base of Shandong Urban Development, and the Research Base of Globalization and Multinational Operation.

The School is so proud of its excellent faculty with distinguished teachers who have made outstanding contributions to the academic development of economics, including five PhD supervisors, 23 Master supervisors, two provincial experts with outstanding contributions, two theoretical talents of "one-hundred people", three experts of the Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, two Think-tank members for Jinan government, seven members of "Theoretical Talents Project", two prominent talents of Jinan, six Excellent Teaching Award winners, 12 teachers are invited to be visiting professors or Master supervisors by other universities. Seven teachers are employed as consultants or independent directors by local governments and companies. The school has established cooperative relationship with over 20 companies, local governments and community organizations. It also invited more than 30 inviting professors and consultants from the local governments, famous companies and universities.

So far, the faculty members have published over 800 papers in many leading?? journals and newspapers, including Management World, Economics Information, Quantitative and Technical Economics, China Industrial Economics, Statistics Research, China Soft Science, World Economy Study, Economists, China Population Resources and Environment, International Financial Research, International Trade, Guangming Daily, People's Daily, Economic Daily, etc. And, more than 60 papers were reprinted by Xinhua Digest, Chinese Social Science Digest, China university academic abstracts and periodical literatures reprinted by China People's University. Some of faculties have published over 40 monographs and textbooks on economics, including Corporate Finance Research, System Mode and China Investing Bank, Modern Market Economics, Liquidity Development, WTO and China, Research on Innovation of Financial System, Research of Urban Infrastructure Investment and Financing, International Finance, Research Report on competitiveness of China Investing Banks, Investment and Financing, etc.

Moreover, some faculty members have gained more than 100 research projects, including 12 National Social Science Fund projects, two National Natural Science Fund projects, two projects of National Development and Reform Commission, one projects of China Soft Science, four projects of the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science, and other projects from National Bureau of Statistics, Shandong Social Science Fund, Shandong Natural Science Fund, Shandong Soft Science, and Shandong Development and Reform Commission. The school has gained about 60 awards for academic excellence, including excellent award of Chinese Population Science, excellent award of Shandong Social Science, Shandong Scientific and Technological progress award, excellent award of National Bureau of Statistics, China General Chamber of Commerce award, and award of Shandong Soft Science.

According to "the Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the school is trying to become a famous school with one PhD program in Applied Economics. It will offer a wide range of cooperative and innovative opportunities for economists, entrepreneurs and officials. We are eagerly looking forward to have more excellent specialists, scholars, and professors to join us for our common bright future.

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