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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is one of the earliest established institutes in The University of Jinan, and it has a long history. Its predecessor can be dated back to the Department of Applied Chemistry, Shandong Institute of Building Materials Industry in 1985.

Currently, The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering consists of 5 departments, including The Department of Chemical Engineering, The Department of Polymer Science, The Department of Applied Chemistry, The Department of Material Chemistry, and The Department of Chemistry. The school also has one Demonstration Center with Basic Chemical Laboratory of Shandong Province. The school is set up with 5 majors (chemistry, applied chemistry, material chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, and polymer material and engineering) for undergraduate students. Among them, applied chemistry is a state-level characteristic major; Polymer material and engineering, chemical engineering and technology are Shandong provincial-level characteristic majors. Moreover, both chemical engineering and technology and polymer material and engineering were included in the 3rd batch of excellent engineer education plans.

The school offers 1 primary discipline doctoral program (chemical engineering and technology), 2 primary discipline master programs (chemical engineering and technology, chemistry), 1 subordinate discipline master program (chemical engineering), 1 program for the master of equivalent education level degree, and 3 professional master degree programs.

Applied Chemistry in The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is a key bureau-level discipline of the National Building Materials Bureau and also a provincial key discipline of "Twelfth Five" characteristic construction in Shandong province. The school has "Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Fluorine Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Materials", "Key Laboratory of Chemical Sensing & Analysis in the Universities of Shandong Province", "Demonstration Center with Basic Chemical Laboratory of Shandong Province", Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of "Fluorine Chemistry & Special Chemical Engineering Materials", Shandong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Fluorine Materials, "Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Centre of Cephalosporin Intermediates". In addition, The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is also one of the supporting institutions for the "Laboratory of Advanced Building Materials, Ministry of Education" and for the "Collaborative Innovation Center of Green Manufacturing and Application of Advanced Building Materials in Universities of Shandong"

The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs. About 2300 undergraduate students and 200 graduate students enroll in the school. The school has 146 faculty and staff including 110 full-time teachers. Among them, 88 teachers have doctorate degree. 4 professors have been awarded as "Tai Shan" professorships from Shandong Province. 1 professor was elected as "National Model Teacher"; 2 professors were awarded as "National Excellent Teacher"; 1 professor has received the "National May 1st Labour Medal"; Besides, one professor was elected "National-level Famous Teacher". Now, one well-organized, creative and analytically minded strong teaching and research team has been developed.

The school always insists throughout "teaching-orientation, discipline construction as a leading role, and balanced development of teaching and research" the guiding principle. Meanwhile, the school pays great attention to the constructions of teaching resource and disciplines. The school has been made remarkable achievements on education reformation and course construction fields in the past years. So far, more than 60 teaching & research projects has been undertaken by the school. Many projects have received various national and provincial awards for their achievements in research and education. For example, both "Industrial Analysis" and "Separation Science" courses were chosen as "National Excellent Course", and a batch of courses were selected as "Provincial Excellent Course" as well. In the meantime, the school has won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement, and has one National Outstanding Teaching Team. In addition, The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has won Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement awards more than 5, and won the first prize in the "First Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement on Graduate Student Education".

Combining producing with learning and researching, the school has undertaken many national projects, including State "863" Project, National Science and Technology Support Program sub project, National Defense Project, NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) Project and so on. The school won the second prize of "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2011. The number of articles recruited by SCI of the school keeps about 100 per year, and more than 100 national patens of invention have been authorized.

In the past few years, the school has been taken measures to improve the conditions of school operation. Currently, the laboratory has total used area of more than 20,000 square meters. More than 30 exactitude apparatuses have been newly installed. The instruments and devices with total price of more than 30 million RMB guarantees the systematical experiment and comprehensive quality training for teaching and research.

The School Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has its own study characteristics in various research fields, such as Fluorine Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Synthesis of Fine Chemicals, Chemical Building Material, the Synthesis and Applications of Functional Materials, Green chemistry for Chemical Synthesis and Technology, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Analysis and Testing Technology. The school actively carries out the cooperation of industry, education and academy to accelerate the industrialization of achievements. During the "Eleventh Five" period, the school obtained more than 1000 million considerable economic benefits, along with remarkable social benefits and environmental benefits.

The school makes efforts to improve the teaching quality of undergraduate education, and promotes the development of graduate education. On the other hand, the school also emphasizes the training of students' initiative spirit and innovation ability, improves school running level and highlights the school characteristics. Hope all these strategies could create a good atmosphere and conditions for the cultivation of talents.