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School of Material Science and Engineering

School of Material Science and Engineering is one of the schools with the longest history in University of Jinan. The bachelor degrees are provided in three directions: Material Science and Engineering, Composite Material, and Material Physics. Programs of Master's degree and doctor's degree with the first level discipline for Material Science and Engineering have been set up, together with the Master Degree granting. Currently, the undergraduates, postgraduates and postgraduates for engineering at the school are 2239, 171 and 80, respectively.

School of Material Science and Engineering is a special bachelor major of national grade. It has been chosen as a plan for excellent engineer cultivating of ministry of education. The material science is a key provincial subject. Shandong Provincial Research Center of Advanced Building Materials, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Non-metallic Functional Materials and Engineering Center for Shandong Cement have been built up in the school. Also, seven research institutes for new materials, functional materials, sensors and wall materials, et al have been set up. In addition, Shandong Ceramic Society, Shandong Composite Material Society and Shandong Particle Society all attach to the subject. The school is a unit member of the ministry of education of inorganic nonmetal material engineering specialty and composite material science and engineering specialty. It consists of Material Science Department, Material Engineering Department and Material Experiment Center, containing four teaching and research sections, i.e., Material Physics & Chemistry, Composite Material Techniques, and Material Engineering. Seven research institutes, such as New Material Institute, Structural Material Institute, Functional Material Institute, and Wall Material Institute are also set up in the school.

Material Science subject is assigned as the subject that should be greatly supported and fully developed in Shangdong Province. Also, there stands Advanced Building Material Laboratory which is the provincial strengthening construction laboratory. Moreover, Engineering Research Center of Advanced Building Materials Ministry for Education, Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center of Cement, Shandong Provincial Engineering Reaearch Center of Special & Functional-composite Materials and Shandong Special Cement for Materials Engineering Technology Research Center. Shandong Ceramic Society Shandong Society for Composite Materials and Granule Academy of Shandong Province are also attached to this subject. Meanwhile, the school belongs to the Ministry of Education of higher education in inorganic non-metallic materials engineering and composite material engineering specialty teaching steering committee member units.

The school employs an academician of Chinese Academy of Science as the honorary president, and set up posts of Shandong Province Taishan scholars. At present, there are 28 professors, 27 associate professors, 6 senior technicians in the school. The number of teachers with senior professional titles accounts for 70% of full-time teachers. In addition, the number of teachers with doctor's degree is 66, respectively, which accounts for about 75% of the whole teachers. A team with the national outstanding teachers, Taishan scholars, leaders of Shandong Province, expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, the provincial distinguished teachers, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions of science and technology talents among the whole staffs has been formed which regards the young teachers as the backbone of the high level of teaching and scientific research. Moreover, the school has employed more than 30 domestic and foreign experts and scholars as visiting professors.

The school has an experiment center with the area of 12000m2 which consists of three major buildings: a material comprehensive experiment building, an experiment building for Composite Material, and an experiment workshop. The school is equipped with a lot of advanced testing and measuring apparatuses, including JEM-2010 HRTEM of JEOLLTD of Japan, S-2500 Scanning Electron Microscope of HITACHI, and a number of advanced material preparation and processing equipments. At the same time, the school also has set up advanced teaching facilities: professional reference reading rooms, computer rooms, network centers etc., which has created good conditions for teaching and scientific research work.

Focus on teaching and research, great attention has been paid to the deepening of teaching reform and the improvement of teaching quality. The projects titled "Study on the System of Material Professional Course" and "Research and Practice of Model Construction of Inorganic Non-metallic Material Engineering Specialty" have been awarded with the prize of Shandong Province excellent teaching achievements, respectively. The bachelor profession of Material science and engineering is listed as the characteristic pilot college professional of Ministry of Education for higher school, composite material and engineering is the characteristics college profession at school level. At the same time, the school has built up eight practice teaching bases out-of school, and two "Production, Education & Research" Integration Research Institutes. In the last five years, more than 20 prizes related to "the Challenge Cup" of university students in extracurricular activities in science and technology above the provincial level have been obtained. So far, nearly 30 sessions with more than 5000 undergraduates and 10 more sessions of postgraduate students have finished their studies in the school and play great roles in various fields. After stepping into the job market, they have shown high political, professional quality and good spirit of innovation, which has gained high comments from employing units. Many graduates have become academic leaders of colleges, research institutes, enterprises and institutions as well as the technicians and managers.

The school implements scientific researches actively, and forms a stable research direction in the field of advanced materials, electronic materials, metals and metal-matrix composites, ceramic-matrix composites, powder preparation and characterization techniques, with distinct characteristics. Currently, the school has the admission for the doctors major in building material, nano-material, energy material and technology, electronic and information material, metallic material, material processing and forming technology, principle of material compositing and material designing. In the last five years, the school has undertook a variety of research projects including "863" and "973" projects, national research programs, military 863, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, international cooperation funds and provincial (ministry) level projects, with the total number of more than 300, including over 20 projects at international advanced level and 30 at leading and initiative domestic level.

Besides, the school is awarded with more than 30 technology prizes above provincial level and more than 20 national invention patents have been obtained. The number of published academic works or teaching materials is up to 10. More than 1000 articles have been published on domestic and international academic influential journals. Meanwhile, the school undertakes the projects involving processing designs and technological innovation of many companies. A great deal of achievements has been transformed into productivity, creating enormous economic, social and environmental benefits. In conclusion, our school has made great contributions to technical progress of material industries of our country.

School of Material Science and Engineering has provide the students with brilliant surroundings for growth and development. The school has always been striving to cultivate talents with high-level, high-quality and creative spirits by adhering firmly to its motto of "Persistence, Erudition, Pursuit of Truth, Goodness", carrying out the spirit of exploration and innovation, continuous improvement, scholarly research, and pursuing excellence.