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School of Management

School of Management at University of Jinan was founded in 1983 and officially renamed in October 2001 with the combination of the Industrial Management Engineering Department of Shandong Institute of Building Materials and Economy Management Department of Jinan Union University. The school consists of 3 departments, namely, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Department of Business Administration, and Department of Accounting. It has many Institutes or research centers such as the Soft Science Research Base of Shandong Province, Institute of Modern Management, Institute of Enterprise Development Research, Institute of Financial Accounting and Business Research Institute, Institute of Human Resources and Strategic, and Soft Power Research Center. And Applied Statistics Institute of Shandong Province, Branch of research on comprehensive evaluation of Chinese field statistical research and Jinan City Institute of quantitative and technical economics are attached to it.

The school consists of 2 master degree programs in Business Management, and Management Science and Engineering which is among the key construction disciplines in Shandong province from the "Twelfth Five Year Plan". It also has 1 professional master degree programs in Master of Program Management, and 7 bachelor degree programs in Information Management and System Program, E-commerce, Business management, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management and Engineering Management. The school has an enrollment of more than 2,300 students and it is one of the largest schools at the university.

The school focuses on the academic communication and coordination with universities around the world. In recent years, we have built up close relationship with the universities and colleges in Canada and the Republic of Korea and educated nearly 500 talent students corporately. The school also receives more than 20 overseas students form Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Nigeria, and Ghana, etc.

The school has an excellent staff of 99 with 9 professors, 40 associate professors and 50 lecturers/assistants. 17 members have earned doctoral degrees, 19 are master supervisors, 6 are special hillock teachers of the university, 1 is National Outstanding scientific and Technological Worker, who is included in the list of Shandong p Province Top-notch Professional and Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution, 2 are Top-notch Professionals of Jinan, 5 are members of One Hundred Talents of Shandong Theorists, Jinan Excellent Intellectuals, and Jinan "Theory Talents Project". The school has established cooperation with the local government, more than 20 enterprises and School of Management of other universities and invited more than 20 celebrated scholars, government officials and entrepreneurs as guest professors.

We aim at cultivating management talents, improving teaching quality, enhancing academic building, providing opportunities for staff, and creating an ideal environment for teaching and research. Our hard working bears rich fruits: Western Economics was named National Bilingual Demonstration Course by Ministry of Education. The students received more than 122 awards, including 43 National awards In recent years in the "Challenge Cup", business plan competition, and etc. More than 550 pieces of articles are issued in the major academic journals home and abroad; 8 provincial and ministerial teaching reform projects and over 90 national, provincial or ministerial research projects are undertaken, over 4 teaching projects and 15 research projects win the prizes awarded by the provincial or ministry organizations.

The motto of the school ,"Student-orientated, academics-orientated, course-orientated, and study-style-rooted" directs the teaching and research of the school. The mission of the school is to be the first-class in teaching, research, talents, and culture in Shandong province and one of the most respected management schools in China.