Academics & Culture
The UJN Attending the Joint Conference of the Confucius Institute in 2017[May 23, 2017]
National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance -- the Peony Garden in the UJN[Apr 21, 2017]
Learn at Beautiful UJN -Meet the Best Time[Apr 05, 2017]
Micheal Jiang, the Director of International Affairs in the University of West Geo...[Mar 20, 2017]
Confucius Institute in North State University of University of Jinan held "Chinese ...[Mar 15, 2017]
The UJN Approving the International Exchange Project of "the Excellent Undergraduat...[Mar 09, 2017]
The 16th Putonghua Competition Was Held in the UJN[Dec 13, 2016]
Both Quantity and Quality of the Scientific and Technological papers in High Level ...[Nov 30, 2016]
The Special Scholarship Program for Sino-American Cultural Exchanges Has Been Appro...[Oct 28, 2016]
UJN's ESI rank in all the Chinese mainland universities is NO.86, ranking highest o...[Oct 08, 2016]
New Breakthrough in Admission amount of UJNs Confucius Institute scholarship stud...[Sep 12, 2016]
UJN Hold Appointment Ceremony for Professor Kejin Wang of Iowa State University[Jun 06, 2016]
The Deputy Director of Griffith University Visited UJN[Apr 05, 2016]
China Univeristy of Science and Technology of Taiwan Visits UJN[Nov 18, 2015]
Professors of UJN Attend the 22nd Annual Conference of of International Economics o...[Nov 04, 2015]
Thailand Association for Cultural and Ecnomic Exchange Visits UJN[Sep 23, 2015]
UJN Students Shine in IOT[Sep 09, 2015]
The 2015 Summer Camp in China for the Confucius Institute at Community College of D...[Aug 05, 2015]
The theory of Network Coding[Jul 02, 2015]
UJN International Students of SIEE Visits Lu Embroidery Exhibition[Jun 17, 2015]
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