News & Events
The Think Tank of UJN Selected for the Initial Key Think Tank Pilot Unit of Shandon...[Sep 20, 2016]
Our School Won 65 Project Fundings in 2016 National Natural Science Foundation[Sep 05, 2016]
The Professor of INRS Made an Academic Report in UJN[Jun 12, 2016]
Mathieu AUSSEIL, the France ambassador, the general superintendent of the education...[Jun 02, 2016]
The Academic Dean and Vice President of the University of Edinburgh Visited UJN[Jun 01, 2016]
Chinese Drum Performance Soaring Dragon in the Flourishing Age by UJNs Internatio...[May 06, 2016]
Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Indonesia, Emil Firdaus visited UJN[May 05, 2016]
UJN held The Sixth International Food Festival[Apr 29, 2016]
Principal Deborah Jackson of American Cambridge College visited UJN[Apr 27, 2016]
Vice President of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences visited UJN[Apr 13, 2016]
UJN's Engineering Discipline Entered into the ESI World Top 1%[Apr 05, 2016]
HU of Japan Visits UJN[Dec 24, 2015]
Delegation from CSU Visits UJN[Dec 14, 2015]
Professor from Canadian University of Quebec Visits UJN[Dec 04, 2015]
UJN and UJNers in Winter[Dec 01, 2015]
UJN Achieved Good Results in the 14th "Challenge Cup" National College Students Ext...[Nov 25, 2015]
Director of Energy Materials Communications Research Center of INRS Visits UJN[Nov 20, 2015]
Educator Delegation from the Republic of Congo Visits UJN[Nov 16, 2015]
UJN President Attend the University Presidents' Forum of Mainland and Taiwan[Nov 13, 2015]
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