Professor Zhongfeng Zhang from School of Art


Zhang Zhongfeng ,  DR. ( In reading


School of Art, University of Jinan


Research  Interests

Russian  Literature



Teaching Interests

Foreign Literature



Research Publications and Grants


i.  Monographs

On Study of the Western Literature History by the school of Ugliness-Appreciation , Chinese Cultural and Historical Press, 2007,8

On Study of Russian Literature --- Between Beauty-Appreciation and Ugliness-Appreciation, Qinghai People's Publishing House, 2003,6


ii.Publicaiton Articles

1.The Discussion of the Dense the Ugly Consciousness from Herzen, Russian Literature and Art ,2012, 3

2. On the Creative Thinking of Tolstoy's Evolution on the Structure of the Novel,Journal of Sichuan University, 2011,3

3.On Tolstoy’s Pan-Realistic Creation,Success and Failure,Journal of Sichuan University,2009,6

4. On study of the Conversion Mechanism of Ugliness-Appreciation ——From Shifting Evil to Ugliness to Performing Desire Literature, History & Philosophy, 2008,3

5.On Study of the Aesthetics of the Ugly by the School of Harmonious Aestheti,Journal of Shandong University, 2010,1

6. On the Evolution ofUgliness inWestern Literature,Journal of Shandong University, 2011,3


iii.  Research Grants 

1.Project leader: MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences , 2012 ——Using Ugliness-Appreciation phenomena In Foreign Literature as examples  

(Project No.12YJA751083) : 


2Project leader: Shandong social science planning and research projects, 2011: On comparative Study Between Tolstoy and Zhang wei

(Project No. 11CWXZ11)