Professor Yanfen Liu from Chinese Department of School of Literature


l  Liu Yanfen  (DR.£©


Chinese Department of School of Literature

University of Jinan

l  Education

PHD: Literary Theory and Art, Shandong Normal University£¬2005-2008

MA: Literary Theory and Art (Specialization in Literary Theory and Aesthetics), Qufu Normal University, 1994-1997

Academic Experiences:

Post Doctor, School of Literature and Journalism, Shandong University, Majoring in literary theory and art, 2008-2011

Visiting Scholar, Philosophy Department of Pennsylvania State University, focusing on literary theory and philosophy, 2011-2012

l  Research  Interests

Comparative Culture

Chinese Buddhism



Literary Theory


Environmental Aesthetics.

l  Courses Taught

Graduate courses and seminars:

Topics in Theory of Literature and Art (Fall);

Topics in Chinese Poetics (Spring);

Comparative Study of Esthetics and Buddhism(Spring)

Undergraduate courses:

   Literary Theory;

Chinese Poetry Esthetics;

College Writing;

Chinese Culture Introduction.

l  Research Publications and Grants

i.  Monographs

1. Buddhism and the Poetics of Six Dynasties, Beijing: Chinese Social Sciences Press,2009.

2. Modern Practical Writing, Qingdao: Chinese Oceanography University Press,2003.

ii. Selected Articles

On Buddhism and Aesthetics:

1.The Six Dynasties Poetics " Spirit " Category and the Buddhism " Spirit " Category, Qinghai Social Sciences , 5( 2009).

2.Discussion on symbolic significance of Mirror, Flower, Water and Moon in Buddhism, Religious Studies , 2( 2008).

3.Discussion on the Relations between the Poetry Image and the Buddhism Image, Social Science Journal , 6(2007).

4.Zen¡¯s Way of Thinking Influenced on Chinese Traditional poetics and Aesthetics, Chuanshan Journal , 2(2004).

5.The poetic language and Buddhist Language¡±, Journal of Nantong Normal College, 1(2003). 

6.The Relation between Chinese Buddhism and Aesthetics, Journal of University of Jinan ,6(2001).

On Environmental Aesthetics:

On the Ecological Aesthetic wisdom Implied in Chinese Buddhist View of Nature, Journal of Henan University,4(2010).

On literary theory:

1.New Exploration for the Structure of Artic Value, Journal of University of Jinan ,6(2005).

2.Comparative Analysis on Advanced Psychology in Accepting Literature and Film and Television , Journal of University of Jinan ,4(2007).

3.When Literature Break through the Boundary¡ª¡ªdistinguishes on literature equating life, Celebrated work Appreciation,9(2007).

4.The Influence of Six Dynasties Buddhism on Poets¡¯ Life View, Social Scientists,6(2007).

5.The poetics Meaning of Yan Yu¡¯s Talking Poetry with Zen, Journal of Liaoning Normal University,2(2008).

6.On Studying the Buddhist Influence Factor of Six Dynasties Poetics ¡°Yun¡± Category, Inner Mongolia Social Sciences,2(2009).

iii.  Research Grants

1.¡°Research on relationship between Six Dynasties¡¯ poetics and Buddhism¡±, Humanities Social Sciences Youth Foundation Project of Ministry of Education of China

2.¡°Research on Art of Chinese Buddhist Poetry¡±, Art Science Key Program of Cultural Department of Shandong Province.

3. ¡°Research on Tang and Song Dynasties¡¯ poetics under the Influences of Buddhism¡±, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation .


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