Professor Bin Huang from school of literature



school of literature

Universsity of Jinan 



A bachelor's degree in history department of Shandong University    

Reserch Interests

calligraphy study 

Teaching Interests

appreciation of calligraphy  

calligraphy techniques and creation

introduction to writing    

Research Pulication and Grants


Calligraphy work collection of Huang Bin

Collection of Shandong Museum in Calligraphy

Instruction of Hard-pen calligraphy

An introduction to  pen writing for Primary school students

Workbook of copy and writing

Concurrent Adjunct Professorships, etc.

Member of the Calligraphers' Association of China

Vice chairman of the Calligraphers' Association of shandong

Chairman of the Youth calligrapher's association

Member of Jinan CPPC