Professor Jielin Fu from school of literature


Name:                  FU Jielin (Mrs.)

Date of Birth:      09/03/1965

Address:             106 Jiwei Road, Jinan, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China   

Tel:                      15949707928 (Cell),   




Personal Details:

As a Professor in Jinan University in China, I am now teaching Foreign Literary Theory and Comparative Literature in the Department of Literature. With stable personality, and high sense of responsibility, I am a frank and enthusiastic teacher. I am very proud of my life. I love my family and my profession.


Education Background:

September 1983—June 1987  Department of Literature in Qufu Normal University; Bachelor of Arts.

September 1993-June 1996 Department of Literature in Shandong Normal University; Master of Arts.

September 2005—June 2008  The Center for Literary and Aesthetics of Shandong University; Doctor of Philosophy.


Work Experience:

1July 1987-September 1993:  Teaching in Radio and Television University in Shandong Province.

May 1998-Present: Teaching in Department of Literature of Jinan University.

2June 2009-June 2013:  Postdoctoral Studies and Working in the Institution literature History and Philosophy of Shandong University.

3February2013-March2014:As a schorlarship visiting in UIC,USA..


Journal Articles: (Refer to Item 1 to add a comma after each article’s title, date and page numbers, and a period at the end of each item. And change the date to Month-Year format)

In recent years, I have published numerous articles in well-known Journals. They are as follows:

1Poetic Culture from the Perspective of Western Marxism: On Greenblatt’s Theory published in Journal of Nanjing University, 2008/05, P11-16, CSSCI.

2Greenblatt's Strategy for Text Interpretation published in Academics 2010/10 p53-58 CSSCI

3“Self-fashioning” Human Cultural Behavior ----The Analysis of Greenblatt’s Cultural Poetics Core Theory published in Journal of South China Normal University 2010/11 CSSCI.

4On the Ethic Direction of Reception Aesthetics, published in Journal of Northwest Normal           University 2007/03 p16-19  CSSCI.

5Text Interpretation and Power Operation-The Interpretation of Power by Greenblatt published in Dongyue Tribune 2009/10  CSSCI.

6The Original and Inspect Field of Cultural Poetics by Greenblatt, published in Shandong Social Sciences 2009/10  p113-116  CSSCI.

7On Herbert Marcuse’s Aesthetic Theory form Perspective View of Modern Harmonious Culture published in Journal of Northwest Normal University 2008/06  p34-38 P16-19  CSSCI.

8The New Connotation of Marx’s Theory of ‘human’s Comprehensive Development’

Published in Issues of Contemporary World Socialism 2007/02 p54-60 CSSCI.

9The Status of Human Subjectivity’ in Ecological Literary Criticism published in Dongyue Tribune 2006/04  

10A Analysis of the Context and Methods of Cultural Poetics by Greenblatt published in QILU Journal. 2010/04 p128-131 CSSCI

11The “Circulation” and “Exchange” Between Literature and Social Life—Move Toward Greenblatt. published in Theory Journal 2008/02 p119-123



 Chinese Imperial Scholars (Shan Dong Volume) published in Taishan Publishing 2007/12


Study Project at Present

As a president in charge of Social Science post-funded projects by the Ministry of Education in 2008-2010, my new book entitled A Study On New History And Cultural Poetics By Greenblatt will be published by Higher Education Press in China.


Interests and Activities:

Reading, Meditation; Traveling; Enjoying the life and the world.


English Level:

In 2009/09-2010/01, I took the Advanced English Training Program at the Department for Pre-departure Training in Beijing Language and Culture University, and have passed the required tests with satisfactory scores.



1、  In 2007, the award of President Scholarship by Shandong University which is the highest honor as a doctor.

2、  My papers get many awards in Jinan, Shandong province, China.

3I has been awarded a scholarship under the State Scholarship Fund to pursue study in the U.S.A. as a visiting scholar by China Scholarship council. The document is valid on condition that the awardee arrives in The United States of America no later January 31, 2012.