Professor Li Hao from School of Politics and Public Administration


l  Hao Li  DR.

l  Professor

School of Politics and Public Administration

University of Jinan


l  Education

PHD: Philosophy(Majoring in Marxist Philosophy) ,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Party School

MA: Philosophy( majoring in Western Philosophy),Shandong Normal University


l  Research  Interests

Political Theory 

Government Management 

Political Psychology and Political Culture 


l  Teaching Interests

Political System of Contemporary China 

Public Policy 

The Frontiers of Marxist Theory


l  Research Publications and Grants

i.  Monographs

The Meaning of Epistemology Research, Shandong university press,2011

ii.  Publicaiton Articles

1.Since China's reform and opening up the evolution of Chinese citizens' political psychological load Administration of the People's Republic of China 2010, 6.

Try to talk about years since reform and opening up, China's political and cultural change in The Journal of Theory, the 3rd issue in 2010

Psychological types analysis our country citizen politics participation Shandong Social Science, 2011, 6

The sinicization of marxist philosophy must oppose subjectivism The Journal of Theory, 2011,3

Network political participation opportunity and challenge for the government response to force load "China's Institutional Reform and Management" in 2011, no. 4

Government positions in the field of public services to reshape analysis load "Shandong Social Science, 2012, 7

Political subculture is a "double-edged sword" to take the social stability and the journal of the CPC Fujian Provincial Party Committee Party School. 9, 2012

The will of the theory in the history of Chinese "Theory of Gansu Journal 5, 2012

Intelligence and the cultivation of creative talents "Theory of Vision 2012, 9

Response to the government and the influence of network democracy countermeasures study "Theory" in 2014

iii.  Research Grants 

1.Host Shandong social science planning research project: Intelligence Quotient Meaning and Creative Talents Cultivation

2.Presided over soft science research project of Shandong province: Since the Reform and Opening Up the Political Psychology of Chinese Citizens Change Research

3.Host Shandong social science planning research project: the Research of Political Subculture and Social Stability

4.Host Shandong social science planning research project: Studies of Promoting Democracy and the Government Response to Power Network

5.Host university humanities and social science research project in Shandong province: Social Transition of Citizen's Political Psychology Research

6.Host Jinan: as a key project of social science under the background of social stratum differentiation analysis of the citizens' political psychology

7.As the second in Shandong social science planning research project: Study of the Problem of the Transformation Government Function Build a Service-oriented Government

8.As the third participation in national social science fund project: the Thoughts of Marx's Individual and Community Relations


l  Professional Services and Committee Memberships

l  Standing Director of Political Science Research Institute in Shandong Province

l  Director of the Institute of Philosophy in Shandong Province


l  Honours & Awards 

1. Under WTO rules, Shandong enterprises implement the strategy of "Going Out" further research (3rd) 2005.3 won third prize of Shandong soft science outstanding achievement; 20 at Shandong social science achievements won third prize in March 2006 (the second member Haoli)

2. Intelligence quotient meaning and creative talent training" (the first) study. 2009 soft science outstanding achievement of Shandong province third prize; Jinan 2009 won third prize of excellent achievement of social science

3. The study, "Since China's reform and opening up the evolution of Chinese citizens' political psychology" Jinan excellent achievement of social science in 2012 third prize

4. Books: "the Meaning of Epistemology Research" won the first prize in 2012 colleges and universities in Shandong outstanding scientific research achievements. 2012.12,certificate number: 2012 br10002


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