Professor Xuexu Zhang from School of Materials Science and Technology


School of Materials Science and Technology, University of Jinan

B.S. Inorganic Material Engineering, University of Jinan

Research  Interests   
Powder technology

Cement Engineering
 Teaching Interests 

1. Powder Technology and Equipment

2. Powder Science and Technology

3. History of Materials science and Engineering

4. Materials processing science

l Research Publications and Grants 
i.  Monographs 
1. Pulverizing and Superfine Chapter 3 & Classification
and Fine Grading Chapter 5 in Powder Technology, Gai Guosheng(Ed), Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, Dec 2009

2. Powder Outline Chapter 1 & powder Conveying Equipment Chapter 12 & Powder Measure Equipment Chapter 13 in Powder Technology and Equipment, Tao Zhendong(Ed), Chemical Industry Press, Beijing, Feb 2010
ii.  Publicaiton Articles (

1.            Development of Software for Thermal Balance of Dry Milling System, [J]Mining &Processing Equipment 2005,33(10):2830, (first author) (in Chinese)

2.            Algorithm of Choice Function for Jaw Crusher, [J]Mining &Processing Equipment 2005,33(7):3132, (first author) (in Chinese)

3.            Study on Performance of VAC/DMC/VHE Soap-Free Emulation Copolymerization CCement Based Composite, [J]Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2005,24(4):49~51,57, (first author) (in Chinese)

4.            Reflection and Consideration of Technical Terms Related to Polymer-Cement Based Composites, Chemical Materials for Construction,2006,22(3):30~32, (first author) (in Chinese)

5.            New Progress in Polymer-Cement Based Composite, the 9th National Conference on Chemistry and Application Technology of Cement and Concrete, Sep.9-11, 2006, Guangzhou, China. (first author) (in Chinese)

6.            An Experimental Study of the Coal Ash Removal by Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying, Journal of Shandong Institute of Building Materials, 2002, 01:53~55,  (forth author) (in Chinese)

7.            Operation Model of Jaw Crusher, [J]Mining &Processing Equipment 2001,29(7):1415, (first author) (in Chinese)

8.            Solution to Selection Function in Mills Grinding, [J]Mining &Processing Equipment 2000,33(10):2931, (first author) (in Chinese)

9.            The Shape of Grinding MediumThe Approach to Optimization, Journal of Materials Engineering 1998, Sup.359~361, (first author) (in Chinese)

10.        Study of Ways to Calculate the  Grinding Medium Gradation, Cement Engineering,1998,2:48~50(first author) (in Chinese)

11.        Extrusion Pneumatic Conveying Pressure Drop, Journal of Southeast University, 1998,28,Sup:24~28(second author) (in Chinese)

12.        Investigation on a Grinding Medium in Tumbling mills,Proceedings96 China CJapan Symposium on Particuology, May24~25,1996Beijing, China. (first author)

iii.  Research Grants  

.National Patents

1. Retractable powder barrel shipment (ZL 200920226932.2)

2. The best shape grinding body (ZL200920226933.7

3. Fold-line-type bag for bag filter (ZL200920226934.1)

l Concurrent Adjunct Professorships, etc. 


l Professional Services and Committee Memberships 
1. Member, National Building materials and equipment Standardization Committee, P.R. China

2. Member, Shandong Province Non-metallic Mine Safety Technical Committee, P.R. China

3. Member, Shandong Province Expert Committee on Safety Production, P.R. China

l Honours & Awards   
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