Professor Zhengmao Ye from Material Department of School of Material Science and Engineering


l  Zhengmao Ye  (DR.)


Material Department of School of Material Science and Engineering

University of Jinan


l  Education

Ph.D: Material Science, Wuhan University of Technology,

ME: Material Science,  Najing University of Technology,

B. S: Cement at Shandong Institute of Building Materials


l  Research Interests

Cement and Concrete Materials


Solid Waste Recycling


l  Research Publications and Grants

i.  Publicaiton Articles

1. Study on Early Hydration of Sulfoaluminate Cement Using an Electrical Resistivity Method. Advances in Cement Research, 2008,20 (4): 161-165

2. Study on Effect of Carbonation Curing for Cement Minerals and Clinker. Key Engineering Materials,2011,477,79-84

3. Effect of Redispersible Powders on Frost Resistance of Sulphoaluminate Cement Mortar. Applied Mechanics and Materials,2012,174-177, 716-720

4. Study on the Properties of Fiber Reinforced Sulphoaluminate Cement Mortar. Advanced Materials Research,2012,446-449,1071-1075

5. Application of Second Law of Fick in NaCl Attack of Sulphoaluminate Cement. Advanced Materials Research,2011,306-307,1038-1041

6. Study of Impermeability Material of Sulphoaluminate Cement Concrete, Journal of Building Materials,2007,10(5):588-592first author

7. Interfacial Transition Zone Modification of Sulphaluminate Cement Mortar, Journal of The Chinese Ceramic Society,2006,34(4):118-122

8. Application of Ba-bearingWastes in ConstructionMaterial Industry. Journal of Jinan university, 2011,25(3),221-224

ii. Patents    

201310359544.2, 201310359870.3, 201310359701.X, 201210565250.0, 201010188056.6, 200910016215.1, 201010188057.0, 200710015552.X, 03139061.7, 200310105554.X, 200810139085.6, 200810139086.0, 200810159967.9, 200810139085.6, 200710017006.X, 200710114708.X,  200410023796.9


iii.  Research Grants 

1. China National Natural Science Fund Project. Study on Influence Mechanism of Marine Adhering Organisms on Surface Structure and Resistance of Sulphoaluminate Cement Concrete. 20132016.

2. Branch project of 11th Five-year Plan State science and technology support projects. Study on high performance concrete surface protection system of old building structure. 2006-2010.

3. Natural Science Foundations of Shandong Province. Manufacture of building material using Slag Carbonation, 2008-2011.

4. Science Foundations of Shandong Province Department of Education. Study on mechanism of Slag Carbonation, 2008-2011.

5. Project of Shandong Province transport department, Repairing bridge of highway with Ba bearing sulphoaluminate cement. 2006-2009.

6. Study on cement grinding aid and early strength agent. Company project. 2013-2016.

7. Study on cementing mine filling material. Company project. 2013-2016.


l  Honours & Awards

2010, Ba-bearing Sulphoaluminate Cement Preparation Technology and Marine Engineering Applications, (Second Prize of the State Technological Invention Award). Fourth undertaker.

2010, Development and engineering application of calcium barium sulphoaluminate cement base repair material. (First Prize of Shandong Province Science and Technological Progress Award). Second undertaker.


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