Professor Xianqi Wei from School of Physics and Technology



l  Wei xianqi  (DR.                      


School of  Physics and Technology

University of Jinan


l  Education

PHD: Physics (Specialization in Condensed Physics), Shandong Normal University   

l  Research  Interests  

Functional Materials

Nano-materials and Device

Thin films


l  Teaching Interests

Circuit Analysis

High-Frequency Circuit

Optoelectronic Functional Materials

Nano-materials and Technology


l  Research Publications and Grants

i.                    Publicaiton Articles

1. Fabrication and properties of ZnO/GaN heterostructure nanocolumnar thin film on Si (111) substrate, Nanoscale Res. Lett., 2013, 8:112.

2. Annealing Effects in nonpolar ZnMgO thin Films Fabricated by PLD, Surf. Engin., 2012, 28(9): 678-682.

3. Effects of temperature on structural and optical properties of ZnMgO films fabricated by pulsed laser depositionJ. Electroceram. 201127203–208.

4. Effects of substrate parameters on structure and optical properties of ZnO thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition, Materials Science and Engineering B 166 (2010) 141–146

5Comparative study on structural and optical properties of ZnO thin film prepared
by PLD using ZnO powder target and ceramic target, Optics & Laser Technology 41(5) (2009) 530-534

6Annealing effect on the microstructure and photoluminescence of ZnO thin films, Material Chemistry and Physics, 101(2-3) (2007) 285-290 

ii.  Research Grants 

1.       Co-Investigator : China National Natural Sciences Fund Project 2012,

     Study on Organic/inorganic heterogeneity Solar cell Device with wide Spectrum absorption and high efficiency of electronic transport

2.       Take charge in: Shandong Province Natural Sciences Fund Project 2013,

Study on the fabrication of ZnMgO/MgO heterogeneity, LED and optoelectronic property


l  Honours & Awards  

2010. Study on the structure of ZnO, performance and property of Devices. (Third Prize of Shandong’ Colleges Best Scientific Research Productions)