Professor Xianzhong Yu from School of Economics

Professor, Director of the Labor Development Research Center(University of Jinan, China)  School of Economics, University of Jinan
PHD: Business Administration (Majoring in Human Resource Management), Hehai University, China.

Research Interests
Institutional Economics
Development Economics
Population Economics
Labor Economics
(The main research:System changes and labor development in developing countries)

Teaching Interests
Institutional Economics
Development Economics
Population economics
Labor Economics

Research Publications and Grants
i. Monographs
1. independent property rights and free selections,Shandong people's Publishing House,2013.
2. Flowing development, Shandong people's Publishing House,2006.
3. Modern market economics, Shandong people's Publishing House,2000.
4.Urban and rural harmonious employment theory, Jiangsu people's Publishing House,2009.
5.Economic hot observation, Shandong people's Publishing House,2011.
6.Human resource management in public sector,Shandong people's Publishing House,2003.
7.Sustainable development of population, resources and environment,Zhejiang people's Publishing House,2001.
8. microeconomics, China Renmin University press,2010.
9. Macroeconomics, China Renmin University press,2010.

ii. Publicaiton Articles
1. Yu, Xianzhong:Labor Development must Surpass 'made in China',People's Daily Jun 17th, 2010.
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iii. Research Grants
1. .Co-Investigator: Subproject of Major China National Social Sciences Fund Project 1997
(Code: 97RK001):Sustainable Development of Population, Resources and Environment.
2. .Co-Investigator:China National Social Sciences Fund Project 2002(Code: 02BRK002):Study
on Market Economy and Floating Population.
3. .Co-Investigator:China National Social Sciences Fund Project 2012(Code: 12BRK024):Study
On Upgrading path of Labor Intensive Industry of China.
4. .Co-Investigator: China National Social Sciences Fund Project 2012(Code: 05BRK002):Study
On Influence of Migrant Workers in Employment.
5. .Co-Investigator: China Shandong Province Social Sciences Fund Project 2004(Code:
04BMZ27):Analysis of Population Development Path in Shandong Province.
6. .Co-Investigator: China Shandong Province Social Sciences Fund Project 2008(Code:
0CJGJ15):Study on Migrant Workers Employment.
7. .Co-Investigator: China Shandong Province Soft Sciences Project 2009(Code:
2009RKA088):Study on Institutional Innovation Path in Human Capital Development Strategy:

Concurrent Adjunct Professorships, etc.
1.Yu,Xianzhong:2010-present: Adjunct Professor, American Cambridge College.
2.Yu,Xianzhong:2009-present:Adjunct Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China.
3. Yu,Xianzhong:2010-present: Adjunct Professor, Qufu Teachers' University in China.
4. Yu,Xianzhong:2008-present: Adjunct Professor, University of International Business and Economics in China..
5. Yu,Xianzhong:2007-present: Adjunct Professor, China Management Science Research Institute in China..
6. Yu,Xianzhong:2009-present: Adjunct Professor, Shandong traffic College in China..
7. Expert Database Member of China National Social Sciences Fund Project
8. China Population Association Associator

Honours & Awards
1. Yu,Xianzhong:The sixth session of the Shandong province construction of spiritual civilization 'boutique project' award (2002), Modern Market Economy, Shandong People's Press 2000.
2. Yu,Xianzhong:First prize on 'Outstanding Achievements in the National Population Science' (2002), Population, Resource and Environment Sustainable Development,  Zhejiang People's Press 2001.
3. Yu,Xianzhong:The 2nd Award on the Twenty-sixth Session of  outstanding achievement in Shandong Province Social Science (2012), Theoretical Doubt in Labor Intensive Strategy, Finance Science 2010 (4).
4. Yu,Xianzhong:The 3rdd Award on the Twenty-second Session of  outstanding achievement in Shandong Province Social Science (2008),Flowing Development,Shandong People's  Press 2006..
5. Yu,Xianzhong:The 2nd Award on the 7th Shandong province higher education teaching achievement(2014),Micro-economics and Macro-economics, China Renmin University Press 2010.

Contact: School of Economics, University of Jinan (Shungeng Campus) China, Jinan, 13th Shungeng Road,.postcode:250002.