Professor Haoran Geng from School of Materials and Engineering


Geng Haoran  (DR.


School of  Materials Science and Engineering

University of Jinan


l         Education

PHD: Engineering (Specialization in Foundry ), Harbin Institute of Technology

MA:  Engineering (Specialization in Foundry ),  Shandong University of Technology


l         Research  Interests

Nonferrous metals


Miscrostructure and Properities of  materials

Metal material processing Technology

l         Teaching Interests

Technique of metal Forming

Metal theory

Alloy Smelting and Solidifying Technology

l         Research Publications and Grants

i.  Monographs

1. Casting aluminum and magnizium alloy ,Chemical Industry Press, editor in chief 2006

2 .Casting copper and zinc alloy, Chemical Industry Press, editor in chief2006

3. casting steel ,Chemical Industry Presseditor in chief2007

4. casting titanium and bearing alloy ,Chemical Industry Press, editor in chief

5. Practical casting technique aassisted external force,Chemical Industry Press, editor in chief2004

6. Practical casting technique aassisted gravity force,Chemical Industry Press, editor in chief2003


ii.  Publicaiton Articles (10 papers)

1.Haoran Geng, Zhiming Wang, Yongzhi  Zhou. Resistance-temperature relation and atom

Cluster estimation of In-Bi system melts. Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2012133:799-803(SCI)

2. Haoran Geng, Wen Li,Zhiming Wang, Yongzhi Zhou, Cancan Li . Structural features of

melts in the In–Bi system. Physica B. 2012,407:421-425(SCI)

3.Songzhao Dua, Cancan Li, Siyuan Pang, Jinfeng Leng, Haoran Geng. Influences of melt

superheat treatment on glass forming ability and properties of Al84Ni10La6alloy. Materials and

Design .2013,47:358-364(SCI)

4. Wang Qing Lei, ZHANG Shuo, Zhang Zhen Wei, YANG Xing Chen, Geng Haoran.

Study of Melt Thermal-Rate Treatment and Low-Temperature Pouring on Al-15%Si Alloy. The Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)2013658):958-966 (SCI)

5. Wang Qing Lei, Zhang Zhen Wei, Long Fang, Guo Bin, Geng Haoran. Effects of

Thermalrate Treatment Technique on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloys. Trans. Indian Inst. Met. 2013, 66(3): 257-264. (SCI)

6. Yujie Sun, Qinglei Wang, Haoran Geng. Effects of complex modificating technique on

microstructure and mechanical properties of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys, Journal Materials Science 2012, 42:2104-2109. (SCI)

7. Q. L. Wang, H. R. Geng, M. Zuo, F. Long and X. Peng Effects of melt thermal rate

treatment and modification of P and RE on hypereutectic Al–Si–Cu–Mg alloy Materials Science and Technology 20132910):1233-1240 (SCI)

8. Jinghua Xu, Haoran Geng, Jiawei Sun and Liuwei Ding  Preparation and haracterization  

of nanoporous   nickel   using   ps   bead    as physical   template . Rev.Adv. Mater. Sci. 2013,33:61-64(SCI)

9. Qi Zhen, Geng Haoran, Wang Xiaoguang, Zhao Changchun, Ji  Hong, Zhang Chi , Xu 

Junling, Zhang Zhonghua. Novel nanocrystalline PdNi alloy catalyst for methanol and ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media. Journal of Power Sources,  2011,196(4):5823-5828.(SCI)

10. Zhiming Wang, Haoran Geng, Guorong Zhou, Zhongquan Guo, Xinying Teng.

Metastable microheterogeneity in liquid monotectic Bi-Ga alloys. International Journal of Casting Metal Research, 2011,2(2):65-69. (SCI)


iii.  Research Grants

1.Frist Investigator : China National Sciences Fund Project2013-2016 , Code51271087Nynamic evolution laws and model construction of alloy metal structure based on microheterenety and MTRT technique.

2. Frist Investigator : China National Sciences Fund Project 2009-2011 , Code50871047Relationship between Structure sensitive physical propertiy changes induced temperature and microstructure evolvement of melts.

l         Concurrent Adjunct Professorships

Professional Services and Committee Memberships of society of china special cast and nonferrous metals

Standing Director of Society of instrument functional materials china function materials.

l         Honours & Awards

1. High-performance non-silver copper based electrical contact composite materials ,Two prize of Shandong Province Technical Innovation 20111 item

2. Study on key preparation technology of casting magnesium alloy,Two prize of Shandong Province Technology Invention 20091 items.

3. ZAS40A wear-resistant composite materials reinforced by ceramic particles,Third prize of scientific and technological progress in Shandong Province 20051 items.

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