Opening Ceremony of Track and Field Games of University of Jinan in 2017

May,02 2017  from:News Center


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On April 27th, the school playground is in a lively and warm atmosphere, with flying flags, smiling people and thunderous applause. Track and Field Games of University of Jinan in 2017 was held here. School leaders Cheng Xin, Zhang Shuoqiu, Du Bin, Wang Baoxian, Wang Zhi, Chen Yuehui, Liu Zongming, Li Guanghong, Cui Guilu, all departments and units responsible comrades, each branch staff team, each college student team, and all the athletes, referees, teachers, student representatives attended the opening ceremony. Cheng Xin, Party secretary of the University of Jinan announced the opening of the track and field meeting in 2017 and made the opening speech, Zhang Shuoqiu, deputy secretary of the University of Jinan presided over the opening ceremony.


In April, flowers are in full bloom, Spring is in the air. At 8 am, bathing in bright sunshine, the opening ceremony of the Games was held. Along with the "athletes march" cheerful melody, the college students team headed into the hall, neatly, youthfully, and full of youthful spirit. The loud slogans, bright smile, and vigorous pace showed students youth style, they used various forms of play to show the style and taste of the students in University of Jinan. Mature and stable staff Team marched across the rostrum, full of spirit. They showed the spirit of struggle and perseverance in constructing a high level university


After the flag raising ceremony, Cheng Xin, the school party secretary, announced the opening of the University of Jinan track and field games in 2017. Cheng Xin made an opening speech on behalf of the school. After the oath of the referee and athlete representative, the students "activity of aerobics" began, with the beautiful dress, pretty performance, neat queue, normative action, winning the applauses and cheers of the audiences.


After the opening ceremony, the events in the track and field fiery opened, the athletes have the courage to fight, strive for success, with unity and cooperation, showing a wonderful sports feast to the audience.

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