Chen Mingfei, the Vice President of Zhanghua Normal University in Taiwan, Visited Our School

Apr,12 2017  from:News Center

On April 5, Chen Mingfei, the vice president of Zhanghua Normal University, with his followers visited our school. Zhu Dejiang, the deputy secretary of the party in our school , met with them. People in charge of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office and the relevant person in the School of Mathematical Sciences, the School of Physical Science and Technology, the School of Foreign Languages, and the School of Educational and Psychological Sciences attended the meeting and had a discussion.

Zhu Deqiang, the vice minister, extended a warm welcome to the guests of Taiwan. He briefly introduced the history of Jinan University, the characteristics of the subject, the professional distribution, the equipment of teachers as well as the achievements in teaching and scientific research and other aspects. He said that universities in Taiwan have great characteristics in terms of personnel training, faculty, and scientific and technological development, so the two sides have great room for cooperation. We hope that this visit will further strengthen the friendly relations between the two schools and increase the exchanges and substantive cooperation between them so as to achieve complementary advantages and common development.

Vice president Chen Mingfei introduced the basic situation and development status of Zanghua Normal University. In recent years, Zhanghua Normal University is developing into a comprehensive university and has achieved some good results, he said, Zhanghua Normal University has reached in the top 300 in 2016 "QS World University Ranking"of Asia , ranking the top 25 of colleges and universities in Taiwan. So it has a very good basis for cooperation with the University of Jinan and they hope they would further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation
with the UJN in student training, teacher visits, scientific research and other aspects .

The relevant people of the School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Education and Psychology discuss the exchange of cooperation with the guests and they reached a number of preliminary intentions. After the meeting, the Vice President Chen Mingfei visited the library and campus, and expressed his appreciation for the modern management of the school library and the beautiful campus.