Professor Chen Yuehui and Professor Sun Yuangong of University of Jian Once Again Entered the List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers

Mar,06 2017  from:News Center

Recently, the world-renowned publishing company Elsevier issued the list of 2015 Most Cited Chinese Researchers. Chen Yuehui, Professor of Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing Technology of network environment in our university, Sun Yuangong, Professor of mathematics and science once again entered the List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers.

In 2016, the researching data of Most Cited Chinese Researchers came from its database Scopus.Scopus is the largest database index of Elsevier, providing the massive data linked with scientific activities of references, authors and research data, and as a result , making it possible to the scientific analysis and evaluation of Chinese scholars influence in the world

The list included 1,776 Chinese scholars from 38 disciplines. Computer science selected 152 people, and Professor Chen Yuehui ranked in the top 75. Mathematics subjects selected 86 people, Professor Sun Yuangong ranked in the top 40.

Highly cited scholars, as the first author or corresponding author, their total number of subjects which cited in published papers in all Chinese (mainland) is in the lead. Being selected in the highly cited scientists list, which means the scholar's world-class influence in their field of study and great research contributions to the development of the field.