University of Jinan Council Founding Conference and Its First Council Meeting, Conference I

Dec,09 2016  from:News Center

On December 3, 2016, University of Jinan Council Founding Conference and Its First Council Meeting was held in the fifth conference room.

School leaders such as Cheng Xin, Zhang Shiqiang, Du Bin, Zhang Shuoqiu, Wang Baoxian, Wang Zhi, Chen Yuehui and Zhou Zongan attended the meeting; As well as representatives of local government, local alumni associations, relevant industry organizations, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, outstanding alumni, social celebrities, famous experts, and relevant functional departments of the school.

Vice-President Zhang Shuoqiu read out "The Decision on the Establishment of the University of Jinan Council ", the meeting elected the first Board members of the University of Jinan, adopted "The University of Jinan Council Rules", elected the leading body, and appointed the first advisor, honorary director of the University of Jinan Council. Vice-President Du Bin presided over the meeting.

The guests attending the meeting are: Ma Luting, director of the Higher Education Research Institute of the Education Research and Development Center; Wang Xuedong, the party member of Jinan Education Bureau, director of Municipal Education Inspection Office; Li Xianliang, deputy mayor of Jinan Shizhong District. Kong Xiangzhong, vice-president of China Cement Association; Zhang Enqun, deputy director of provincial national defense science and technology office; Zhang Mingxi, director of AVIC Research Institute for Special Structures of Aeronautical Composites. Li Xinhua, vice chairman of China Building Material Group; Xu Yongxiang, president of China Association of Social Work Education; Wang Haibin, Dean of Mianyang Teachers¡¯college; Sun Chunling, Associate Dean of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences; Han Yueming, Chairman of University of Jinan Quancheng College; Jing Xinhai, Chairman of CVIC Software Engineering Corporation; Zhang Wei, President of Ji'nan Xicheng Investment Development Group Limited; Zhao Yeqing, president of Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Zhang Shiqiang, president of University of Jinan, make a speech on behalf of school. He addressed, during the past 68years, under the concern and guidance of the government departments at all levels, with the strong support of the community and the active participation of all the alumni, including the joint efforts of all teachers and students, University of Jinan takes the initiative to adapt the new situation of the higher education transition development, adhering to the connotative development, and constantly deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms, as a result, achieving the great developments of every undertakings, becoming the co-construction university, Shandong Province Key Construction University, ranking the forefront in provincial colleges and universities, at the chart of all kinds comprehensive strength of universities. School has made magnificent achievements in personnel training, discipline construction, scientific research, teaching staff construction, open school and so on.

President Zhang Shiqiang emphasized, top-class universities need excellent management system and first-class management capacity. The establishment of the Council of University of Jinan is the necessary requirement to promote the reform and development of school, to achieve governance capacity and the modernization of the governance system, and also an important measure for school to explore opening, cooperative and win-win path of development, build a new university external relations, and gather the external accumulation of dynamics. All these will finally have a significant and far-reaching impact on uniting all forces to support the school, helping deepen comprehensive reform and accelerating the development of the school.

Wang Xuedong, the party member of Jinan Education Bureau, director of Municipal Education Inspection Office, addressed on behalf of Jinan Municipal People's Government. Kong Xiangzhong, vice-president of China Cement Association, Zhang Wei, President of Ji'nan Xicheng Investment Development Group Limited spoke on behalf of the newly elected directors.

Cheng Xin, University of Jinan Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the First Council made a speech. Cheng said the official establishment of Council is another major event and happy event in the journey of building a high level university. Thanks for your trust, electing me as the first Board of Director of the University of Jinan. I am fully aware of my deep responsibilities, and will live up to your hearty expectations to carry out all the work for the development of University of Jinan by making my own contributions.

Secretary Cheng Xin said in the end, China is moving towards a higher education power. A better future is calling us to forge ahead. Let us join hands, working with strong sense of responsibility and mission, staying hungry with truth as well as being practical, opening to reformation, being willing to be creative, seeking for the best out of the best, so as to initiate new prospects in different spheres of University of Jinan. We¡¯ll painstakingly fight for the comprehensive, open-minded, internationalized and characterized high level college future of University of Jinan.