Our School Won 65 Project Fundings in 2016 National Natural Science Foundation

Sep,05 2016  from:News Center

Recently, the State Natural Science Fund Committee released evaluation results about the projects that National Natural Science Fund has collected during the period of centralized data acquisition, our school has 65 project fundings in 2016, increased by 41.3% from 2015.The project contains a key item, a national major scientific instrument development research item, 25 surface items, 38 Youth Science Fund projects. The direct funding amounted to 30.593 million Yuan, increased by 111.13% from 2015.The number of funding and project reached a new record, ranked second among provincial universities. The remaining items are in the evaluation process.

In the evaluation of the National Natural Science Fund this year, the National Natural Science Foundation organized relevant experts to evaluate the projects , the project The Fundamental Research of High Coupling Cement-based Piezoelectric Composites and Apply declared by Professor Cheng Xin has approved, and the project direct funding is 2.85 million Yuan. Professor Wei Qin declared The Application of Integrated Multidimensional Sensor in the Microfluidic Micro-nano Synthesis System, it has been approved and the project direct funding is 5.1 million Yuan. This is the first time that our school was approved by national major scientific research instruments, and won the State Natural Science Fund project, this was a major breakthrough in the history of our school. The key project and major scientific research project marked that our school open up a new situation in the field of basic research, and rose to new height.

Our school paid more attention to the declared work of National Science Fund, in prepared and launched stage, Secretary Cheng Xin and Deputy Principal Du Bin personally presented the declared mobilization of National Science Fund and guided the declared work for the National Natural Science Fund. Our school hired experts out of our school to guide our declared work and hired expert to evaluate the work and to enhance the quality and the creativity of the declaration though many other measures. Our school implemented the measures to ensure that the effectiveness of the Declaration form.