The Academic Dean and Vice President of the University of Edinburgh Visited UJN

Jun,01 2016  from:News Center

On May 27th, Dr. Michael Hannan, the academic dean and vice president of the University of Edinburgh of US, with his group came to visit our school. Wang Baoxian, the vice president of University of Jinan met the visitors. The persons in charge of International Cooperation and Exchange Department and the International Student Office were present at the meeting. During the talks, both sides jointly reviewed the history of friendly exchanges between the two schools for more than 20 years. The vice president Wang Baoxian introduced the disciplinary structure, scientific research level, international developments and other latest situations of University of Jinan to the guests. He talked about the relationship of the two schools, University of Jinan and the University of Edinburgh had forged a profound friendship through the continuous exchange of teachers and students. In recent years, the University of Jinan is more open and more international, who will further enrich the content of exchanges, expand the areas of cooperation, and enhance bilateral cooperation development on the basis of the original cooperation. The in-depth cooperation is beneficial to raise the scientific research level of both teachers and students of the two schools, and it also in line with government strategy on education cooperation between China and America.

The academic dean and vice president of the University of Edinburgh College, Dr. Michael Hannan expressed thanks for the warm hospitality, and he agreed to the advice of expanding the cooperation between the two schools of Wang Baoxian. He said, as an old friend of the University of Edinburgh, the University of Jinan give the strong support to the exchanges between the students and teachers of two schools. In this regard, the University of Edinburgh expressed sincere gratitude to UJN. At present, the two schools had great development, and laid the foundation for the cooperation of teaching and scientific research of many other fields. Edinburgh College will actively encourage their students to use every opportunity to come to University of Jinan to have a short-term exchange, also welcome teachers and students of UJN to teach and learn in Edinburgh College.

The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1583. It is a renowned centre for teaching and research in Edinburgh, Scotland and UK. It was the sixth university to be established in the British Isles, making it one of the ancient universities of Scotland and Britain. The university is amongst the largest and most prestigious in the world and currently ranks in the world top 25, ahead of some of the Ivy League institutions. The Friendly relationship between the University of Edinburgh and UJN was founded in 1984. After years of exchanges and cooperation, more than 10 teachers successively learned in the University of Edinburgh. Meanwhile, UJN had hired a number of graduates of the University of Edinburgh to teach in our school and receive the students of summer camp to experience and learn the traditional Chinese culture in our school.