Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Indonesia, Emil Firdaus visited UJN

May,05 2016  from:News Center

On May 4th, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Indonesia, Emil Firdaus and the delegation visited our school. The director of the Foreign Affairs Office accompanied them. Wang Baoxian, Deputy President of Jinan University, met with the visitors. The directors of the International cooperation and Exchange Department and the International Student Administration Office were present at the meeting.

We showed the warm welcome to the arrival of the visitors and introduced the basic situation of University of Jinan. The Vice President, Wang Baoxian said that Indonesia and China are next-door neighbors, and Indonesia is the important partner of China on foreign exchanges, and the educational cooperation between the two countries is an integral part of our national strategy. University of Jinan, the comprehensive university built by the Ministry of Education and Shandong province, has established the friendly and cooperative relationship with more than 70 colleges and universities, and maintained the long-standing friendly exchanges with the universities in Indonesia. From so far, our school has received more than 10 foreign students from Indonesia and 2 current students at present. Jinan and Xutulizu are sister city relations, so University of Jinan welcomes more students from the Xutulizu city to study here by using the friendship cities scholarship, and we will give them adequate attention and care. In addition, the cooperation between both sides can be expanded from exchange programmes of teachers and students to scientific research and international conferences, so as to establish closer cooperation relationship.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Indonesia, Emil Firdaus showed the gratitude to the UJN for his hospitality, and he express the aim of the visit is to continue to deepen the friendship between the two cities, and promote the friendly relations and cooperation in the field of education. EmilĄ¤Firdaus said that China is a education power, who has accumulated lots of valuable experience on teaching and educational administration system and they are worth learning. He hope to promote the establishment of the friendly cooperative relations between two counties, and send more Indonesian students to University of Jinan for study.

The directors of the Foreign Affairs Office expressed that we should build the bridge of the Jinan University, to support both parties in the implementation of the education program.

Xutulizu, built in 1859, is located in the North-East Java, Surabaya city to the North. Jinan and Xutulizu started the friendly exchanges in 2008, and mainly cooperated in areas such as education, youth, garden and so on.     On April 2010, two cities signed the letters of intent to establish sister cities, on September 2012, two parties formally signed the agreement on establishing the sister cities.