UJN held The Sixth International Food Festival

Apr,29 2016  from:News Center

        On April 28th , UJN held The Sixth International Food Festival in the morning. Students from Pakistan, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, and The Republic of Cape Verde represented a wonderful food feast to teachers and students of UJN. Vice principle Zhang Shuoqiu, the relevant person in charge of foreign student management office and International Exchange school, and students enjoyed from all over the world.

The atmosphere on this activity was very upbeat. Every booth was placed orderly. Students could appreciated different food culture from the exotic food prepared by foreign students. The vendors of each booth tried to attract visitors through their graceful dance or enthusiastic shouting.

        The Sixth International Food Festival brought people various kinds of joyousness and experience. Our of foreign students not only showed the traditional culture of food, but also connected students of different culture or different ethnic. This activity deepened the beautiful friendship between the students and promoted the exchanging and communication between Chinese culture and foreign culture.