UJN's Engineering Discipline Entered into the ESI World Top 1%

Apr,05 2016  from:News Center

        On March 17th, in the latest published Essential Science Indicators (hereafter referred to as ESI), UJN's Engineering discipline entered into the ESI world top 1%.  Now with 4 subjects totally on the ranking list, , UJN is the top of provincial universities in ESI ranking.

        ESI releases that among the1258 institutions through the world who ranking on Engineering of ESI, University of Jinan is NO.1241. In the latest 10 years, UJNers had published 284 articles related to Engineering disciplines, citations were up to 1767, the average citations of per paper was 6.22 times, and highly cited paper were 10 pieces. The various items of data reflect the academic influence and average academic quality of UJN in Engineering studies are rising continually. In recent years, University of Jinan attaches great importance to implementing the strategic objectives which is getting Engineering disciplines into the ESI world top 1%. Through various forms of publicity efforts to increase the construction of ESI disciplines, and implementing short-term measures and long-term measures simultaneously to encourage teachers to cooperate with foreign researchers and to increase papersĄŻ quality. UJN has enhanced the international influence of various disciplines and by introducing high-level talents, accelerated the cultivation of young and middle-aged teachers, and developed an effective incentive mechanism.

        UJN has 4 disciplines that have ranked ESI world top 1%, they are: Chemistry, at NO.754; Material Science, at NO.706; Clinical Medicine, at NO.1962; Engineering, at NO.124.

        ESI (Essential Science Indicators) is the tool for basic analysis and evaluation launched by Thomson Reuters Group in 2001 to measure the performance of scientific research and to track the scientific development. Nowadays, it has become one of the most important measuring tool in the world, which has been generally used for evaluating the standard and influence of colleges and universities, academic institutions and national international studies. ESI builds a database based on more than 10 million papers published in over 12000 kinds of academic journal, and classifies them for index by 22 disciplines, including agricultural science, biology and biochemistry, clinical medicine, computer science, space science, economics and management science, environmental science/ecology, earth science, material science, mathematics, microbiology and so on.