HU of Japan Visits UJN

Dec,24 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan,December 9,2016: On 9 December ,School of Law director of Hosei University(HU) with his delegation came to UJN for a visit accompanied by vice chairman of Zhigong Party of Shandong Province and vice director of Shandong People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. UJN vice president Cheng Yuehui met with the guests.

    Chen outlined the latest development of UJN. Chen said it was the second time to visit UJN for Hosei University delegation. Chen also mentioned that through the communication both sides signed the agreement on the cooperation which is a starting for the exchanges students and teaches between UJN and HU. In addition ,Chen also expressed gratitude towards the support offered by Zhigong Party of Shandong Provincial and Shandong People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries for their support.

    Mr. dayedaisi introduced briefly HU. He said HU School of Law f has the longest history and tradition in the universities of Japan, especially the law theories put forward by the distinguished professors of HU  made a profound impact on Asian jurisprudential circle even the world. He also expressed his willingness to cooperation with UJN in the field of jurisprudential and exchange students and teachers between UJN and HU.

    During the meeting, the delegation discussed with the relevant personnel of UJN International Affairs Office Graduate Affairs Office and the School of Law on the cooperation project.

    The history of Hosei University begins in 1880 (year 13 of the Meiji era) when the non-governmental lawyers Kanamaru Magane, Ito Osamu, and Satta Masakuni established the Tokyo Hogakusha (Tokyo School of Law) at 19 Kita Koga Machi, Surugadai, Tokyo. In 1880, a penal code and criminal procedure law which were forerunners of modern Japanese laws were introduced, and the birth of Tokyo School of Law was in response to the trends of the time which saw an upsurge in individual freedom movements and began the development of the modern legal system.

    At present Hosei is a comprehensive university with 15 undergraduate faculties, a School of Correspondence Education, 14 graduate schools, 1 institute, and 2 professional schools.