Quan Taihuan of Andong National University Of South Korea Visits UJN

Oct,28 2015  from:News Center

    On Oct .19,   President Quan Taihuan of Andong National University with his delegation paid a visit to University of Jinan(UJN) and  UJN President Chen Xin and Vice President Wang Baoxian met the guests.

    During the talks, President Cheng Xin introduced the basic information of historical evolution, discipline setting, talent cultivation, foreign exchanges and other aspects of University of Jinan. President Cheng Xin said that China and Korea have steadily strengthened the relationship. Traditional culture between the two countries has many things in common, which lays a good foundation for carrying out education, economy, trade and other cooperation between two  countries. As an important carrier of higher education, the university plays a key role in national talent cultivation. The exchanges and cooperation between universities of different countries also injects fresh blood into talent cultivation and scientific research cooperation. University of Jinan expects to carry out the characteristic cooperation project with Korea Andong National University in the future, on the premise of actively making use of Jinan friendly city scholarship, creating more favorable conditions and opportunities for our students who go to Korea for studying abroad, conducting teachersí» exchanges and scientific research cooperation, building the platform of enriching the teachersí» and studentsí» experience, and broadening the international vision.

    President Quan Taihuan of Andong National University expressed sincere greeting to our students and staff. He said that Andong City is a city of spiritual culture in Korea, is the cradle of Confucius culture in Korea, and has a higher fit with cultural background of Shandong Province. As one of Korean national universities, Andong National University and University of Jinan would increasingly deepen the cooperation based on cultural identity. During the talks, President Quan Taihuan briefly introduced the basic situation of Andong National University. He said that Andong National University would actively promote the establishment of friendly city scholarship in Andong City. On that basis, it would carry out full scholarship project with University of Jinan, make use of government and school resources of two universities, and encourage the students to go abroad and experience the higher education under different cultures and systems. 

    Finally, the presidents of the two universities signed the friendly cooperation memo. Through negotiation, two universities plan to select 10 excellent students respectively from 2016 and assign the students to study in the other university in the form of full scholarship subsidy, and increase the student exchange quantity year by year.
After completing the talks, Vice President Wang Baoxian led the guests to visit International Education Exchange Institute. Both sides further discussed the specific implementation of student exchange project and reached a consensus.