Educator Delegation from the Republic of Congo Visits UJN

Nov,16 2015  from:News Center

    On Oct.24, the Education Delegation of the Republic of Congo paid a visit to UJN. UJN President Chen Xin and Vice President  Wang Baoxian met with the guests.   


     President Cheng Xin sincerely welcomed the delegation visiting China. He said that China and Congo had a long history of friendly exchanges with new contents, and that with the vigorous support of the China National office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language,under the joint effort of University of Jinan and Marien Ngouabi University, the Confucius Institute of Marien Ngouabi University acts as the bridge for enhancing the communication and exchanges between China and Congo people. The Confucius Institute of Maren Ngouabi University adopts the language culture and exchanges as its own duty since its foundation, actively carries out rich and colorful Chinese teaching and cultural exchange activity, and produces wide and in-depth influence on The Republic of Congo. China and Congo friendship is rooted in people and is derived from exchanges. As Chinese supporting The College of Confucius Institute of Marien Ngouabi University, the University of Jinan certainly would support and assist in construction and development of Confucius Institute, earnestly bring into play the role of exchange platform of Confucius Institute, and make a contribution to education cultural exchanges between China and Congo.


    Mr. Jean Bruno Mobuyilou, head of delegation visiting China and education specialist of Ministry of Primary Teaching, The Republic of Congo, expressed his heartfelt thanks for warm reception of University of Jinan, and conveyed his sincere greeting to Mr. Anabier Kelinnei Makesuo, Minister of Ministry of Primary Teaching, The Republic of Congo. He said that The Republic of Congo always had rich complex to China and, with the help of favorable platform of Confucius Institute, the delegation visiting China is very happy to participate in the activities. He hoped to deeply and earnestly discuss Chinese teaching and promotion of primary schools and middle schools of The Republic of Congo, and promote the wide spread of Chinese teaching locally through the visit.

    After completing the meeting, the delegation visiting China visited our library, Jiazi Lake, Zilan Garden, No. 8 dining hall and other campus facilities. The teaching building, studentsí» dormitory and dining room distribution situation were reviewed in detail. In the afternoon, the delegation visiting China and over 40 students abroad from The Republic of Congo had a discussion. The students abroad from The Republic of Congo reported their study and life in our university, and demonstrated their study achievements via many forms. The delegation visiting China admired their achievements and encouraged them to cherish the precious study opportunities in China, be industrious and enterprising, strive to become the excellent Chinese teachers of the future, and provide guidance and help to more people of The Republic of Congo learning Chinese.

    Educator delegation visiting China from The Republic of Congo was one of annual exchange projects of Headquarters of Confucius Institute, started from October 17 and lasted 11 days. During the period, members of the delegation studied calligraphy, painting, shadowboxing and other traditional culture courses in our university.  They went to Headquarters of Confucius Institute, Jinan No. 9 Middle School, kindergarten of University of Jinan, Qufu City for field observation and discussion.  They gained a deep understanding of Chinese education methods and fully experienced Chinese culture.