The Education Delegation of Thailand Visits UJN

Nov,01 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), Nov 1, 2015,: On Oct 28, the delegation of  Southern Thailand Frontier Special Development Zone Education Development Bureau  visited UJN. UJN President Chen Xin and Vice president Wang Baoxian met the guests.


    Before the talks, UJN President Cheng Xin warmly welcomed the Thai guests on behalf of all the teachers and students of University of Jinan. He said, China and Thailand have a long history of friendly exchanges, and the two countries are geographically close. There is also a strong band that links our two peoples and cultures. Through the deeply exchanges between frontier of Thailand and University of Jinan, the two countries jointly promote the education cooperation of China and Thailand to achieve new development”±.

    During the talks, Vice President Wang Baoxian introduced the basic information of Shandong Province and University of Jinan to the guests, future development of international cooperation and exchanges of University of Jinan. He said, China and Thailand continuously increased the political mutual trust, continually developed economic and trade ties and deepened people-to-people exchanges. University of Jinan would strongly support the Thai students studying in China, try for various types of scholarships and financial aids. He sincerely invited Thai Teachers and education management personnel to visit University of Jinan, exchange and study the Chinese teaching and examination each other. Vice President Wang Baoxian said University of Jinan has strong scientific research and key problems tackling strength, and welcome Thailand to carry out the substantial cooperation with University of Jinan in academic research, international meeting, and etc.

     Mr. Nuopeng Makongqiao, director  of Southern Thailand Frontier Special Development Zone Education Development Bureau expressed the sincere gratitude to warm reception of University of Jinan on behalf of delegation, introduced the education development situation of area under his jurisdiction. Mr. Tanu Nengnei, director general of Thailand 15th District Middle School Education Bureau, Mr. Songzhai Weibenji, director general of 16th District Middle School Education Bureau agreed with the cooperation direction put forward by Principal Cheng Xin and Vice Principal Wang Baoxian, introduced Chinese education situation of area under the jurisdiction, expressed that Chinese teaching of southern Thailand faced a lot of problems (such as lack of teachers, backward teaching method), sincerely hoped that University of Jinan could carry out Chinese teaching guiding and short-term teaching of teachers, also expected that middle school students of the area can exchange and study in University of Jinan. They delightedly seen that the students abroad from southern Thailand studied undergraduate and postgraduate courses in University of Jinan, made good progress in studies, their lives were taken good care of; they were fully confident in future cooperation and exchange between southern Thailand and University of Jinan. Finally, Thai Chinese teacher representatives also hoped to get the support of Chinese teachers and teaching materials from University of Jinan.

    Before the meeting, the delegation visited School of International Education and Exchange and campus of University of Jinan, and talked with Thai students studying in our university.

    The Thailand delegation was made up of education director generals and other representatives of Thailand frontier five governments (provinces) and was sponsored and organized by Consulate General of China in SONGKHLA. Entrusted by China National office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, our university assumed the reception task of the delegation for visiting China on October 25-31. During the period, accompanied by related responsible persons of International Education Exchange Institute, the delegation visited Headquarters of China National office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language/Confucius Institute, and related primary and middle schools in Beijing. In Shandong Province, the delegation would visit Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shandong Province and Huaqin Rubber Industry Group, visit Qufu City, hometown of Confucius, and carry out field visit and teaching observation activity in The Middle School Attached to Shandong University.