The Delegation of National Chengchi University of Taiwan Visits UJN

Oct,21 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN),Oct.21,2015:Mr. Chen Ting Wong, Professor of  Chengchi University of Taiwan and his colleagues came to Mr. Chen Ting Wong, Professor of  Chengchi University and his colleagues came to visit University of Jinan on the morning of September 14. UJN President Cheng Xin met with Professor Chen Ting Wong and his colleagues. The relevant leaders of UJN's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office and the School of Management were present at the meeting.

    President Cheng Xin, on behalf of University of Jinan, expressed the warm welcome to the visit of Professor Chen Ting Wong and his colleagues. He outlined the basic situation of University of Jinan and introduced the achievements she has made in recent years. He also thanked  Chengchi University for her support to University of Jinan in teachers training. Professor Chen Ting Wong congratulated University of Jinan on her development. Both sides discussed issues on the exchange of teachers as well as subject construction and development.

     Subsequently, Professor Chen delivered to the teachers and students from the School of Management a report entitled Looking at the Development Trend of Financial Accounting in Terms of IFRS. The report was presided over by Wang Aiguo, Dean of the School of Management.

     In his report, Professor Chen Ting Wong began with the characteristics of accounting standards and talked about the development trend of IFRS (Financial Management) with vivid examples and metaphors, namely from historical cost model to fair value model, from profit performance to the performance of financial standing, from rule-based approach to principle-based approach, and from formulation by each respective country to global uniformity. Then, Professor Chen Ting Wong talked about Taiwan's development and educated students with his own personal experience, encouraging them to cherish the precious time, strive to learn professional knowledge, learn "how to learn", and learn how to do things and how to behave on the basis of grasping professional knowledge. Professor Chen Ting Wong explained in his report the profound things in a simple and touching way, creating a lively atmosphere and receiving acclaim from teachers and students alike.