Professor from UC Riverside Visits UJN

Oct,19 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN),Oct.19,2015:On the morning of September 8, Mr. Li Bailian, Professor of Ecology at University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside), Director of the International Research Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development, co-director of the International Research Center for Arid Zone Ecology, and co-director of Sino-US (governmental level) Research Center for Ecological Agriculture and Sustainable Development, was invited to the School of Resources and Environment, UJN for academic exchanges and employed as a visiting professor at University of Jinan. UJN Vice President Du Bin, and relevant teachers and postgraduates of the School of Resources and Environment attended the appointment ceremony and the academic lectures.

    Professor Li Bailian shared his understanding and knowledge of the development of ecological environment both at home and abroad, made analysis by centering around the theme of "biological and natural co-evolution" and taking the ecological engineering as an example, and put forward the idea of corporation management of ecological environment from the perspective of economy and finance, creating new industry and investing in nature by taking the wastes of the human activities as raw materials. Finally, Professor Li Bailian made a detailed answer to the questions advanced by the teachers and students. The convention of the academic lecture has enriched the professional knowledge as well as broadened the horizons of the teachers and students from the School of Resources and Environment.