American Prairie View A.&M. Univeristy Delegation Visits UJN

Jun,17 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), 17 June,2015: On May 18, American Prairie View A. & M. University (PVAMU) delegation led by Professor Li Qingyuan, professor of  School of Engineering  visited UJN. Vice president of UJN Wang Baoxian met the delegation and both sides are engaged in a friendly talk.

    During the meeting, both sides discussed specifically about credit recognition. UJN' School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Engineering, Prairie View A. & M. University have made many efforts and done specific work in the cooperative programs, but different educational systems and curriculum settings cause difficulty in credit transfer during the cooperation. After negotiation, both sides have agreed to send relevant teachers to communicate and try During the talk, Vice President Wang Baoxian introduced to the visiting teachers and students the general situation of Shandong Province and the University of Jinan. He said that Shandong Province is one of the most economically developed provinces in China, and also the birthplace of Chinese traditional Confucianism, having a deep cultural heritage. He hoped that the students would seriously study their specialties during their stay in the University of Jinan on the one hand, and on the other hand, they should feel and understand the Chinese culture at a close distance, and act as messengers for the Sino-US cultural exchanges. In November 2013, China and the United States set up a new exchange program for ten thousand students from 100 universities of both countries. As a co-building university by the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province, the University of Jinan obtained in early 2015 the enrollment qualification for Ministry of Educations' "Sino-US Special Scholarship for Credit Students", by which the Chinese government will give a scholarship to American students studying in China according to their study period and academic achievements. The University of Jinan welcomes students from Prairie View A. & M. University to apply for the program. Continuous communication and exchange help students from both sides to understand more of each other, learn the study and cognitive methods from each other, improve self outlook on life and values, and at the same time, make contribution to the educational exchanges between the two countries.

    Professor Li Qingyuan said that the friendly cooperation between Prairie View A. & M. University and the University of Jinan had a long history. Years of exchange of students and scientific research cooperation among teachers contribute to substantive exchanges among schools of the two universities. Based on this, more and more UJN students are welcome to Prairie View A. & M. University for further study. We also expect leaders of the two universities to realize mutual visits as early as possible so as to further promote bilateral cooperative programs to find a solution .