The Ceremony of Establishment of HSK Center in UJN Held

Jun,15 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), June. 15th, 2015: The ceremony of establishment of HSK Center in UJN was held.Wang Baoxian , vice  president of UJN,  attended the activity with relative personnel.

    Vice President Wang Baoxian fully affirmed in his speech the achievement that HSK Center has made, and summarized the significance of establishing the HSK Center from three aspects: the national strategy, the development of UJN and the construction of schools. Vice President Wang Baoxian pointed out that assuming the national standardized examination marks a new step in UJN's international education, which is an important window to improve its educational internationalization level and establish its image. He also made suggestions for future work in terms of high sense of responsibility, standardizing examination standards, expanding propaganda, and enhancing service awareness. Vice President Wang Baoxian and Party Secretary Han Jingxuan of the School of International Education and Exchange jointly inaugurated HSK testing center in the University of Jinan.

    At the ceremony, Liu Hongmei, director of the HSK Center, introduced the general situation of the building of this center and the work it has carried out. In addition, the international student representative from the Confucius Institute of Congo (Brazzaville) Ngouabi University delivered a passionate speech, sharing the experiences and feelings of learning Chinese in the University of Jinan and also expressing on behalf of the international students the determination of and confidence in passing HSK.

    With the continuous development of UJN's international education and also in order to expand the influence of the University of Jinan, the School of International Education and Exchange started in early 2014 the application for HSK testing center. After review and approval by Office of Chinese Language Council International, the University of Jinan became a test center for HSK and HSKK in July 2014. After nearly a year of careful preparation, the University of Jinan held its first examination in HSK band 4 and band 5 and HSKK intermediate on May 16 this year. The establishment of UJN HSK Center is one of the most important achievements that UJN has made in carrying out in-depth international education. The Center will build the University of Jinan into one demonstration unit in HSK across Shandong Province with its professional examination management, good examination environment and attentive examination service, thus promoting the all-round development of UJN's international education.

    HSK is a national standardized test, which focuses on the ability of the non-native speakers of Chinese to communicate in Chinese in life, study and work. Currently, HSK has become a pass of studying in China, a necessity to apply for a scholarship to study in China, and an important means for teaching assessment. It is also regarded as an important basis for employment, raise and promotion by more and more national government departments and multinational companies. HSK consists of two parts, the written and the oral, which are independent of each other. The written tests include HSK (band-1), HSK (band-2), HSK (band-3), HSK (band-4), HSK (band-5) and HSK (bad-6); The oral test mainly examines the students' verbal skills, including HSKK (junior), HSKK (intermediate) and HSKK (advanced), and the examination uses the recording form.


Translated by Carolzhang