Professor of Universidade de Brasilia of Brazil Visits UJN

Apr,02 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), April 2, 2015: Mr.Paulo Cesar de Morais, professor of Universidade de Brasilia of Brazil and distinguished professor of ThousandTalents Plan of china, made a visit to UJN  on March 20th  at the invitation of UJN.

    UJN President Cheng Xin met with the guests.Vice president Wang Baoxian and the relevant personnel attended the event as well. 

     In a meeting with Mr. Paulo Cesar de Morais,UJN President Cheng Xin made a welcome speech, introducing UJN to Mr. Paulo Cesar de Morais .Cheng talked about that UJN is willing to take this opportunity to cooperate witht Mr. Paulo Cesar de Morais, a well-known expert on materials science and physics to promote the development of UJN's scientific research.

UJN President Cheng Xin met with Professor Mr.Paulo Cesar de Morais.

    Mr.Paulo Cesar de Morais expressed her thanks to Mr. Cheng for UJN's hospitality.He mentioned that having been involved in scientific research in colleges and universities of china for two years,  he has a  more in-depth understanding of  higher education of China. He also expressed his willingness to carry out substantial cooperation with UJN in scientific research and training of postgraduates.               .

    During the meeting,Professor Paulo Cesar de Morais gave a speech concerning nanotechnology, in which UJN teachers and students had an active interation with Professor Paulo Cesar de Morais.

    After the meeting, Professor Paulo Cesar de Morais visited the key laboratory of School of  Physics and Technology and School of Biological Science and Technology.