UJN Delegation Visits Universities of Australia and New Zealand

Jan,06 2015  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), January.6, 2015: From December 3rd to10th, UJN delegation led by  UJN Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu visited unversites and colleges of Australia and New Zealand by the invitation, seeking to establish cooperation in multiple areas.

  In Australia, UJN Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu  visited the University of Woollongon (UW) to meet with UW vice president  Mr. Mohammed Yaghi and reviewed the history of collaboration between UJN and UW.After the meeting , UJN Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu held the talk with the relative personnel from International Engagement & Coordination, Business School  and conducted the in-depth discussion on overseas internship to students program,credit recognition, research project , which will lay the good foundation for the future collaberation.



    During the visit to Australia, Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu and his entourage also visited Deakin University  and had a discussion with Professor Kong Lingxue, deputy director of Advanced Materials Research Institute of the University and Professor Yang Wenrong with the Department of Life and Environmental Science, School of Sciences. In the discussion, deputy director Kong Lingxue introduced the historical development, research direction, research achievements of Advanced Materials Institute, Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu introduced the profile of University of Jinan, especially the characteristics and advantages in material science, hoping to develop cooperation of high level and high tone with Deakin University and enhance the internationalization of UJN's disciplines. In the talk, Professor Yang Ping, dean of UJN's School of Materials Science and Engineering held an in-depth discussion with deputy director Kong Lingxue and reached a preliminary consensus on specific cooperation in the declaration and research of scientific projects, jointly holding academic conferences and conducting joint doctoral programs. At the same time, further communication and negotiation with Professor Yang Wenrong on matters relating to scientific research cooperation was made. The delegation visited part of the laboratories of  the Department of Life and Environmental Science, School of Sciences, and Advanced Materials Institute, Deakin University, both sides expressed full of confidence in and expectations to the future comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in related specialties, and based on this to promote the establishment of intercollegiate friendly relations of cooperation between University of Jinan and Deakin University.



    After the visit to the universities in Australia, Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu and his entouragea went to visit Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand. Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu held talks with Mohammed Yaghi, vice president and concurrently the director of International Department of Waikato Institute of Technology. The relevant leaders from Waikato Institute of Technology's International Center, School of Business Information Technology, School of Hotel Management and other related departments attended the meeting. During the talk, Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu said that University of Jinan and Waikato Institute of Technology have established friendly and cooperative relations for many years, the two universities have also carried out a number of high-level visits, and both sides have deeper mutual understanding. He hoped that both sides would take the advantage of this visit to further promote the cooperative relationship with specific cooperation projects. Vice President Mohammed Yaghi expressed much expectation, saying that he would fully support and cooperate for the smooth development of the cooperative projects between the two universities. During the conversation, Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu and his entourage also held in-depth communication with the relevant leaders of the School of Business and Information Technology and School of Hotel Management concerning student exchange, teacher training, and other aspects between the two universities. They discussed the feasibility of jointly setting up the Center for Food Cooking Training, and the two sides reached a preliminary consensus. After the meeting, led by the leader of International Center, Waikato Institute of Technology, the delegation visited the newly completed teaching and training building. The human architectural style, the advanced operating equipment and the teaching philosophy combining theory and practice left a deep impression to the delegation.



    Then, Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu and his colleagues visited Massey University  in New Zealand. Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu and his colleagues held talks with Mr. Stuart Morriss, vice president of Massey University. Relevant leaders and professors from Massey University's International Affairs Office, School of Engineering and High-end Technology, Institute for Basic Science Research, Institute for Food Nutrition and Human Health and other schools, departments and research units were present at the talk. Over the talk, both sides respectively introduced the school's history,distribution of specialties, curriculum and other situation as well as made a preliminary discussion over the study-abroad program, mutual recognition of credits, joint training mode of doctoral program, teachers' visits, research cooperation and so on. Massey University hoped to cooperate with more and more Chinese universities and colleges along with the willingness to take the opportunity of the delegation's visit to build a solid friendly cooperation and carry out comprehensive and deep communication and cooperation with University of Jinan. Vice President Zhang Shuoqiu said that in recent years, the internationalization had been one of the UJN's development targets with its level becoming higher and higher, especially in 2014, University of Jinan had been approved of a comprehensive university jointly built by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the People's Government of Shandong Province, which laid a good foundation for this university's extending broader international cooperation. University of Jinan will very much like to cooperate with universities of world high-level on teaching, research and so on, which will effectively enhance the internationalization level of our university as well as create good chance to broaden the international view of our faculty and students. Following the talk, the delegation visited the labs of School of Engineering and High-end Technology, Institute for Basic Science Research and Institute for Food Nutrition and Human Health, making an intensive communication over the professional field with the related supervisors and professors.



    The visit of UJN's delegation to the universities and colleges of Australia and New Zealand helps to open up new cooperative universities and cooperation areas based on consolidating the existing cooperation projects, which will contribute to achieving the reasonable global layout in UJN's foreign communications. Meanwhile, it also provides a grand platform for improving the international level of our scientific research fields.