UJN Delegation Visits Universities in Germany and British

Dec,05 2014  from:News Center


    University of Jinan(UJN), December.5, 2014: Between November 19 and Novermber 26, UJN delegation headed by Dubin, vice president of UJN, paid a visit to universities in Germany and theU.K..


    During the visit to Univeristy of Augsburg(UA), UJN vice president Du and his delegation held normal talks with UA vice President Henning Rosenau.Reviewing the friendly intercourse between UJN and UA in retrospect, the two sides conducted an in-depth discussion on cooperation in research, talent training, personnel and student exchange programs between two universities. In addition, Du with his delegation held a symposiums with UJN exchang students who are learning in UA. He encouraged them to work hard to contribute to promoting the communication between UJN and UA. On the same day , the delegation was invited to attend UA Graduation Ceremony for International Students, who are impressed by graduates'  mental attitude and outstanding performance.


UJN Vice President Du Visited Universities in Germany and the U.K.

     After the visiting to UA, vice president Du accompanied by Mr.Henning Rosenau met with Kurt Gribl,mayor of Augsburg and Mr.Hernam Kohler, director of the Education Bureau.,during which, Mr.Mayor Kurt Gribl expressed his willingness to co-establish Confucius Institute  with UJN . Mr. President Du agreed, adding that UJN is willing to offer necessary support for the establishemnt of Confucius Institute in Augsburg. 

    Subsequently, Mr.vice president Du had a normal meeting with Mr.John Wilson,vice president of Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)in the U.K.,during which ,Mr. Du conducted the depth discussion with  Mr.John Wilson and relevant personnel on teachers' visiting ,summer school and so on.Upon leaving GCU, Mr. Du visited UJN students who are learning in GCU ,hoping that they equip themselvs  with international visions and enable themselves to contribute to the deeper communication between UJN and GCU.

    In the end of the visiting , Mr. Du with his delegation visited British Roehampton University (RU) and  met with Mr. Claire Ozanne , vice president of RU, in which two sides discussed credit transfer of between UJN and RU.