UJN Confucius Institute in USA Launched

Oct,13 2014  from:News Center

      University of Jinan(UJN), October.13, 2014:On October 3rd, UJN and Community College of Denver officially started the co-building of Confucius Institute and Fan Yuejin, Party Secretary of UJN led a delegation  to  attend the launching ceremony of Confucius Institute.

Mr.Fan presented delievered the speech .     

          September 27th is Confucius Institute Day. The launching ceremony of our Confucius Institute at the Community College of Denver, USA and the activities celebrating Confucius Institute Day were held together. The launching ceremony was presided over by Ms. Jame Lim, American president of Confucius Institute. UJN university delegation members, president and vice president of Community College of Denver, USA, the dean of studies and responsible personnel from each department and professor representatives attended the ceremony.More than 200 representatives from the Chinese community and all walks of life also attended the event.

                                               The Chinese Traditinal Culture Performance

The Party Secretary Fan delivered a speech at the launching ceremony. The world today is undergoing major development and great change and the economic globalization is developing in depth. People live in a "global village", and the countries of the world have become growingly interdependent due to their increasing common interests. With the development of China's reform and open policy and social economy, the cooperation and exchange between China and the world is expanding. As a result, the Chinese language is drawing attention from more and more countries and regions.

    Fan said university is the thought forerunner, culture disseminator and knowledge creator. The establishment of Confucius Institute in universities is not only conducive to the young students and other people who are interested in learning the Chinese language, but also conducive to the exchanges and communication between cultures, conducive to mutual understanding among the people from all countries, to building confidence, and to laying a good foundation for friendly cooperation. University of Jinan is located in the hometown of Confucius, rooted in the fertile soil of the Confucian culture, and deeply infiltrated by the Chinese traditional culture. Our University will uphold the Confucius' idea of "Peace is the most precious" and "Harmony without uniformity" and keep a close cooperation with Univeristy of Jinan, providing all necessary support for the success of Confucius Institute, provideing convenience to the local people in learning the Chinese language and understanding the Chinese culture, and making positive contribution to promoting the healthy development of cultural exchange and friendship between the two universities.

    Everette J. Freeman, president of the Community College of Denver made a speech. On behalf of the Community College of Denve, he expressed warm welcome to Party Secretary Fan and his delegation, enthusiastic congratulation on the official launching of Confucius Institute, as well as great expectations for the cooperation between the two sides. The the Community College of Denve s education principal also delivered a speech, congratulating on the launching of Confucius Institute.

    After the ceremony, the Community College of Denve Confucius Institute organized rich and colorful activities. Fan Yuejin, the Party Secretary and his delegation, accompanied by Everette J. Freeman, president of the Community College of Denve , watched the performance. The Chinese traditional cultural programs such as the Chinese lion dance and martial arts performances, "Jasmine Flower", "Green Island Serenade" and other songs, cucurbit flute, and long sleeve dance etc.  left deep impression to the people from all walks of life.

                                            Mr.Fan visited three UJN teachers making visiting in USA.

    Party Secretary Fan and his delegation also visited the University of Montana, UJN friendly and cooperative university. Party Secretary Fan and  Royce C. Engstrom, President of the University of Montana held a working meeting, having a deep discussion with Perry J. Brown, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Montana on deepening cooperation between the two univsersities. During the visit to the the University of Montana, Party  Secretary Fan and his delegation also met with the responsible persons from  International Office and other related departments of the University of Montana, exchanging views on deepening cooperation between the two sides. During the visit, Party Secretary Fan also visited the three teachers of our school who are making their visit at the University of Montana, asking them about their work and life in the United States and encouraging them to cherish the opportunity of further study in the United States and to lay a good foundation for the future teaching and research.