UJN Guest Professorship Ceremony &Speech by Prof. Brouwers

Sep,27 2014  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), Sept 16, 2014: On September 16th, Mr.Brouwers , professor of the Eindhoven University of Technology, visited UJN. UJN President Cheng Xin  met Prof. Brouwers as well as signed the memorandum on two sides'cooperation with him.     

                                    Prof. Brouwers Received the Letter of  Professorship from President Cheng.

 During the meeting, a ceremony granting guest professorship was held for Prof.Brouwers.  As a renowed expert in the research field of material science, Prof. Brouwers delievered an academic speech titled "Ecological Building Materials Application of Nanotechnology ".


Background Information:

Prof. Brouwers got his PhD degree in Technical Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology in 1990.


From 1992 to 2009, Prof. Brouwers worked in Twente University as an Associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering (& Management). From 2009, he served in Eindhoven University of Technology as a full professor in the Department of the Built Environment.


Prof. Brouwers leads a large research group, the chair Building Materials, including one full and two assistant professors (tenure), and 12 externally funded post-doc/PhD positions. His research interests include the development of new building materials to obtain more sustainable, durable and functional building materials and products.


He has published about 240 publications, of which almost half of them in refereed journals; and he is also sole author of almost half of them. He established this sponsor group in 2003 and the total external funding of his chair exceeds 1 million Euro per year.


More recently, Prof. Brouwers has made great contribution in the investigation and application of nanomaterials in cement and concrete, including the production of new type of nanosilica and its application in smart concrete, usage of nanoTiO2 for self-cleaning of buildings.