UJN Professor Paper Included in ESI Highly Cited Papers

Jun,23 2014  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), June. 23, 2014: In the latest issue of ESI data analysis statistics,there are total 19 papers in our university that have been included in the list of ESI highly cited papers, in which Professor paper Yu Jinghua's Three-dimensional paper-based electrochemiluminescence immunodevice for multiplexed measurement of biomarkers and point-of-care testing has not only been a highly cited paper but also become the ESI hot paper in this issue. In this issue of statistics, there are a total of 17 papers in Shandong province that have been selected into the list of hot papers. Having being shortlisted the top 1°Ž hot papers in ESI world subjects marks that the teachers' achievements in our university has had a certain international academic frontier influence and aroused extensive attention of international counterparts, which will play an important role in enhancing the international reputation of our university and have great significance to expand the influence of the subjects in our university.


                                                                 Professor Yu's Paper
   In 2012, the Ministry of Education introduced ESI papers into discipline evaluation and took it as an important discipline evaluation indicator for assessment. At present, many high-level universities have set up ESI top paper funding schemes. ESI statistics has become an important symbol of evaluating universitie's discipline development, scientific research ability, and academic reputation.
    ESI is the database of Essential Science Indicators and it is a basic analysis and evaluation tool that was launched by the world's famous academic information publishing agency Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) in 2001 to measure the performance of scientific researches and track the trend of scientific development; it is the quantitative analysis database that is established based on the more than 10 million papers in over 11,000 kinds of academic journals in the world that are included in ISI Science Citation Index (SCI). Aiming at 22 academic disciplines and through 6 indicators of the number of papers, papers°Į cited frequency, average citations per paper, highly cited papers, hot papers, and frontier papers, ESI carries on the overall measurement of the country's/regional scientific research level, academic reputation of institutions, scientists' academic influence and the academic level of journals from all angles, and it is an important indicator around the world that is general used to evaluate the international academic level and the original creativity of academic institutions, universities and scholars.
    ESI highly cited papers are those which were published in the recent 10 years and whose citation frequencies have been within the top 1% in the corresponding fields of study; ESI hot papers refer to those which were published in the recent 2 years and whose citation frequencies have been within the top 1 °Ž in the corresponding fields of study.