Signing Ceremony Held for Jida (Guizhou) Eco -Tech Park

Mar,27 2014  from:News Center

    University of Jinan(UJN), Mar. 22, 2014: On March 22, 2014, the signing ceremony was held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province for Jida (Guizhou) Eco-Tech Park jointly built by University of Jinan (UJN) and Guizhou Fentuoli Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. Mr. Fan Yuejin, UJN Party Secretary, Mr. Zhu Deqiang, Deputy Party Secretary, Mr. Du Bin, Vice President, and responsible personnel from UJN General Office, Science & Technology Office, and Alumni Association were present at the signing ceremony. Mr. Du Bin and Mr. Yang Zhongping, Chairman of Guizhou Fentuoli Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. signed on the agreement of cooperation on behalf of the university and the enterprise respectively.

                                                      Signing Ceremony Held    

    According to the agreement, Jida (Guizhou) Eco-Tech Park, which is directed by University of Jinan and invested by Guizhou Fentuoli Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., will be jointly built in Guizhou Province. After its establishment, this park will rely on UJN's innovation platform and its research team such as the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center in Advanced Building Materials to jointly build R&D center, technical service center and talent training center, all of which are aimed at supporting the park's development and  radiating the development of the surrounding region. All these centers will take advanced building materials, functional composite materials, new pharmaceutical and chemical products and biological materials as their main objects of hi-tech achievements transfer and turn into eco-tech demonstration park and key practice base for achievements transfer as well as talent training with distinctive features, industry-academia-research collaboration in making innovation, and sustainable development. Besides promoting UJN's talent training and the development of disciplines, this park will also shoulder more responsibilities for and make greater contribution to Guizhou's economic and social development.  
    Mr. Fan delivered a speech on behalf of the university. He pointed out that developing social services is not only the requirement for the self-development of higher learning institutions, but their unshirkable social duty and historic mission as well. University technical parks are effective mode and significant carrier for social and economic service. The signing of this agreement on "Jida (Guizhou) Eco-Tech Park" will build a new platform for university-enterprise cooperation and be conducive to promoting the construction and development of Gui'an New District and even that of Guizhou Province. Meanwhile, it sets an even higher demand for UJN's capacity and level of serving the society. It is hoped that the university and the enterprise shall sincerely cooperate and work hand in hand in a pioneering and enterprising spirit so as to make Jida (Guizhou) Eco-Tech Park yield plentiful and substantial fruit as soon as possible.

                                           Mr. Fan Delievering the Ceremony Speech
    Before the signing ceremony, Mr. Fan Yuejin and his colleagues visited Guizhou Fentuoli Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and made on-the-spot investigation of Gui'an New District in construction. They made further exchange on deepening cooperation with the leaders of Gui'an New District Administrative Committee and the senior executives of Guizhou Fentuoli Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. 
    During their stay in Guiyang, Mr. Fan Yuejin and his colleagues met Tan Yinsong, director of UJN Alumni Association in Guizhou, and other alumni. They kept informed of the situation of the alumni, congratulated on the achievements they have made since graduation, and extended thanks to them for their support of UJN's development. Mr. Fan Yuejin required UJN's responding departments to go all out in supporting the alumni in their career and wished them to make greater achievements in their respective posts.