UJN Delegation Visits Universities in Japan and South Korea

Jan,02 2014  from:News Center




From December 10 to 17, UJN Council Chairman Fan Yuejin led a delegation to Japan and Korea by invitation, visiting Japan Staitama University , South Korea Konyang University and South Korea Kookmin University.

During the visit to Staitama University of Japan, Chairman Fan Yuejin and his delegation held normal talks with President Yoshihiko Kamii. After the talk, Fan,accompanied by administrators and staff members of Staitama University, also visited Faclulty of Engeering and Training Room where Chairman Fan communicated with professors and experts in the field of machinery , chemistry and enviromental protection.

Afterwards, the UJN Council Chairman Fan Yuejin went on to South Korea Konyang University and had a meeting with Konyang University president Heui-Su kim. During the meeting , Fan along with Konyang University vice-president Chang II Park and Sook-Won Jang visited their Medical School, the Hospital Affiliated to Konyang University,and headquarters of the Konyang University .

The Kookmin University of South Korea was the last stop of the delegation's tour to universities in Japan and South Korea, where Chairman Fan met with Kookmin University president JI-Soo You and the agreement on credit recognition was signed. Then Chairman Fan toured their Auto Control Laboratory and Institute of Industry Design and Research, and exchanged views with their faculties.

In addition, Fan with his delegation respectively held three symposiums with UJN exchang students in Japan Staitama University ,South Korea Konyang University and South Korea Kookmin University. He encouraged the attendees to be high-level professionals with international outlook through learning from advanced science and technology and developing their professional knowledge and skills and contribute to UJN international cooperation and exchange .

Contact and partnership between UJN and universities in Japan and South korea are strengthened through this visiting which paves the way for further cooperation.