Delegation of American colleges and Universities visit UJN

Dec,26 2013  from:News Center

On the morning of Nov 10, 57 memebers from the Delegation of "Chinese Bridge--- American Colleges and Universities visiting China " paid a visit to University of Jinan jointly organized by Chinese Hanban and USA College Board. University of Jinan President Chengxin and Vice-President Cai Xianjin met with foreign guests. Liujun, project officer of the NOCFL, and deputy director Sun Zuxing of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education attended the meeting. Sun Yanmei, director of UJN International of office, presided over this reception.

To begin with, Vice President Chengxin extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introduced University of Jinan briefly. "Confucius said it is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. It is ineed a big event for us to gather with USA education colleagues and guests in UJN in the fruitful season". He said. Cheng pointed out that we were expected to be good at learning from others, absorb the excellent traditonal culture of human society and technology. President Cheng expressed expectations to conduct a further collaboration on teaching and research in order to learn advanced education idea and teaching methods of USA colleges. He said Shandong is the birthplace of Confucian culture as well as a developed province in economy and has the profound cultural heritage. President Cheng showed USA college teachers and students are welcomed to Univeristy of Jinan to study to experience the broad, profound, and traditional culture of China.

After that , Frank Ashley, vice-president of the College Board expressed their gratitude to the university for its warm welcome of the group. At the same time, he said he was very thankful for that they were given a chance to visit Shandong and University of Jinan, by which , they experienced the unique charm of Shandong traditional culture. He said this exchange would set up a platform for the establishment of friendly relationship and cooperation between American colleges and universities and University of Jinan. Finally, Mr. Ashley expressed good wishes and expectations and warmly invited University of Jinan students and teachers to American colleges and universities to study.

During this reception, the delegation visited the laboratories of School of Material Science and Engineering and School of Chemistry and the campus.

All these 57 members of the delegation are from top colleges and universities of America such as Standford University and Brown University.