Confucius Institute in North State University of University of Jinan held "Chinese Cultural Experience Center" opening ceremony

Mar,15 2017  from:News Center

On February 23, the Confucius Institute in Northern State University held a ceremony of "Chinese Cultural Experience Center" in our university. North State University President Timothy Downs, Vice President Alan Leffy, school teachers, students and local residents attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Gray Deppes, the US president of the Confucius Institute in Northern State University.

Timothy Downs, president of North State University, said that the Confucius Institute has been established for two years, which is a good example for the international cultural exchange of Northern State University. In the context of the globalization, it is significant to understand the role of global culture and economy and the impact of China's development on the United States. The establishment of the Chinese Cultural Experience Center is conducive for teachers , students and the local people to further understand China. He also said: "Chinese is becoming a world language."

At the launching ceremony, Mr. Wang Tao, the inheritor of Jinan City paper-cut art from University of Jinan presented two pieces of the wolf's head on behalf of the school logo to the Northern State University, and presented the head of the paper-cut works to the principal and vice principal. On the spot he also performed a traditional paper-cut art, the enthusiasm of the audience gathered round him, praising his skillful techniques and Chinese traditional folk crafts. Wang Tao also displayed dozens of paper-cut scroll paintings and modern works of three-dimensional one by one, the audience were all impressed. In addition, China student volunteers also conducted Guzheng and Lute performance, adding a warm cultural atmosphere for the launch of China.

Taking the Chinese cultural experience center as a platform, the Confucius Institute in the Northern State University hopes to present the true Chinese and the colorful culture in a "zero distance" to the Americans and show the Chinese culture for the university and the local community in a better way. The experience center is located in the west side of the first floor of the Williams Library. It is funded by the Hanban. In addition to the Miao costume window donated by our alumni, there are also multimedia culture experience facilities provided by Hanban. The audience can use the mouse or Screen touching to look through some Chinese and English knowledge in relation to Chinese culture, art, history, customs, etc. People can also use headphones to listen to Chinese music, and even use the camera to wear Peking opera clothing. In addition, the exhibitions also include the contemporary Chinese ink painting exhibition, ladies painting exhibition, four treasures, traditional musical instruments and various Chinese and foreign books more than two thousand volumes. Unique exhibitions make the visitors full of praise, as the local people said, "I feel that China is around me."