The UJN Approving the International Exchange Project of "the Excellent Undergraduate" by the National Scholarship Committee

Mar,09 2017  from:News Center

Recently, the National Study Fund Management Committee announced the funding list of "the excellent undergraduate international exchange project" in 2017. The exchange project that our school declared about "undergraduates of electrical engineering and automation between the UJN and the Germany Bremerhaven University of Applied Technology University " achieved fund by the National Scholarship which promised to subsidize 4 students to exchange.

Setting by the National Scholarship Committee, "the international exchange project of the excellent undergraduate" purpose to promote the collaboration of the domestic high-level universities and the world's leading universities and institutions, to improve students' awareness of innovation to accelerate Multicultural communication and improve Innovation consciousness, the practical ability and international competitiveness in order to meet the international talent training needs of professional and high-quality people in subject areas. The National Scholarship Fund will provide eligible students with international travel funding and scholarships (including meals, accommodation, registration fee, transportation fee, book information fee, medical insurance fee, one-time resettlement fee, visa extension fee and academic activities, etc.).

The Germany Bremerhaven University of Applied Technology University was founded in 1975 as a public application technology university in Bremen, where its predecessor was the Gustav Navigation School established in 1879 and the City Privy Council established in 1884. The number of students in the school is over 3000 now. The Inter-school exchange project between this school and the UJN began in 2014. Up to now, a total of 15 students from the UJN have gone to the school to study through the project..