The 16th Putonghua Competition Was Held in the UJN

Dec,13 2016  from:News Center


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Hosting by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and undertaking by its radio station, with the theme ofMaking Melodious Voice in the UJN and Realizing Your Dream in Youth, the UJN held the final of the 16th Putonghua in its auditorium on 7th December. The contest judges were hosts from the Shandong radio and television station and testers of the Putonghua Proficiency Test.

This competition started with dance to the Youth performed by  students from the School of Music. At the same time, Only Crew Community, V-king Cheerleading Team, the 2015th broadcasts and other members in radio station also brought wonderful performances in the middle and end of the competition.

 Including 12 players, the competition was divided into two parts - self-introduction and self-made manuscripts. In the first part, the players introduced themselves to the judges and audiences by singing, dancing, oral presentation skills and other talents, with humorous language and ingenious abilities, they have got a lot of applause from the audience. In the second part of the self-provided manuscripts, every player brought wonderful performances. Jin Zijian and Liu Xinyue from the School of History and Cultural Industry brought the performance of the Steel, in which affectionate confession between pure Paul and cute Dong Niya stimulating our revolutionary feelings. In the performance Tears for Island, Lv Dan from the School of Literature vividly expressed the unalterable love for hometown of people who eager to return home, making audience full of tearing. Zhang Han from the School of Education and Psychological Sciences, vividly played the role of Li Bai whose magnificent verve making people regret for him. The combination of Yang Minjie from the School of International Education and Communication and Du Mengliu from the School of Civil Engineering performed the Wolfberry blossoming, with taking people back to the passionate time of the wolfberry blossoming, showing them an unselfish teacher and a child who was sorrow with the leaving of the teacher, thus conveying to audiences a delight love between teacher and student.

After fierce competition, two groups of players Lv Dan and Hou Rui who were from the School of Literature as well as Wang Jingyi from the School of Materials Science and Engineering won the first prize. Player Zhang Han from the School of Educational Psychology and Science, the combination of Dong Xiaoqing from the School of Politics and Law and Sun Jia from the School of Literature, and the combination of Jin Zijian and Liu Xinyue from the School of History and Cultural Industry Management won the second prize. The third prize achievers were the combination of Cheng Fang from School of Literature and Zhao Qingru from the School of International Exchange, Sun Chunying from the Business School, Linzi Wei from the Business School, the combination of Bi Xiaoqing and Gao Wenlei from the Business School, and the combination of Song Jianan from the School of materials science and Yin Yilin from the School of Literature.

The Putonghua Competition has successfully held 16 times in the UJN. With the idea ofinfinite pleasure in sound world, the radio station is continuously striving to develop, to concern about the current hot spots, to pay attention to school news, to take the initiative to adapt to the development of new media, so as to create better voice works and pass the most beautiful voice for the students.