Both Quantity and Quality of the Scientific and Technological papers in High Level Improving Steadily in the UJN

Nov,30 2016  from:News Center

Recently, the statistics conference about China's scientific and technological papers published in 2015 was held in Beijing. According to the statistical report output from China Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, the searching results of the papers published by the UJN in the year of 2015 are as follows. 516 papers have been collected in the SCIE, which is 15% more than the last year, ranking 96th in the national institutions of higher learning, 4 places more than the previous year; there are 510 papers included in the EI, growing by 36.7% over the previous year, ranking 77th in the national institutions of higher learning, 8 higher than the last year; and CPCI -S has contained 91 papers sourced from the UJN, its ranking in the national institutions of higher learning reached to 74th.

While the amount of papers is growing, the quality of our scientific papers and academic influence is also increasing year by year. 2703 SCI papers produced by our school have been cited since 2006 to 2015, the total frequencies reached to 20904, ranking 98th in the national institutions of higher learning. The total number of referenced articles and the total number of referenced times were respectively increased by 48.3% and 39.5% over the last year, advancing 5 places than the previous year.

The China Science and Technology Information Institute has regularly announced the status and trends of China¡¯s scientific papers every year since 1987, and on the basis, extending it to the statistics analysis on the output of Chinese patents, scientific journals and academic books.