The Special Scholarship Program for Sino-American Cultural Exchanges Has Been Approved by Ministry of Education

Oct,28 2016  from:News Center

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the notice, the special scholarship program of Sino-American cultural exchanges has been approved by Ministry of Education in exchange program of UJN and Northern State University of USA declared by our school, and there are 15 scholarships.

To strengthen results of the mechanism of cultural exchanges between China and America, encourage Chinese and American universities to establish and deepen cooperation, and attract more American students to study in China, the Ministry of Education implement ¡°Special Scholarship Program For Sino-US Cultural Exchanges¡± from 2014 to 2017. The program of UJN has been approved for the first time. The project will further strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between the universities of USA and UJN, attract more outstanding American students to study in China, and make due contributions to cultural exchanges between China and America.