New Breakthrough in Admission amount of UJN¡¯s Confucius Institute scholarship students

Sep,12 2016  from:News Center

This year, the number of UJN¡¯s Confucius Institute new enrollments with scholarship has made a new breakthrough. With 21 the Confucius Institute scholarship students (17 students will enroll in this fall, and the other 4 will enroll in n the spring of 2017), UJN made double breakthroughs in both enrollment amount and the number of enrollment¡¯s countries. Compared to last year, the enrollment amount increased 31%, coming out in front in Shandong Province. New students¡¯ nationality includes Russia, South Korea, Italy, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Congo, Peru, ect. At present, Confucius Institute headquarter has appropriated 863200 yuan of 2016 annual autumn funds to us.

Since gained the enrollment qualifications for the Confucius institute scholarship in June 2013, UJN make full use of all kinds of resources to vigorously develop the admission channels. With actively promoting outstanding students from Europe, United States and countries along the ¡° the Belt and Road ¡± area, UJN further optimizes the level of their education standard of international students.